The Benefits of Having a City Wedding

A bride and groom hugging in front of an urban landscape.

Deciding where you’ll tie the knot is a big decision. Many couples end up debating the following: should they have an urban city wedding or say their vows somewhere more rural? While there are ups and downs to both options, a city wedding definitely holds a certain allure. The case for having your special event in a urban environment is made below.

It Can Be an Exciting Travel Destination for Your Guests

Your guests will love attending a wedding in a major city because there will be a lot of activites for them in the days before and after the big event. After all, many people love exploring a new city and it can be a fun getaway for your guests. If you do opt for a city wedding, provide your guests with suggestions of places to go, things to do, and sights to see.

There’s Lots of Venue Styles to Choose From

A bride and groom walking outside in an urban museum garden.

One of the best things about cities is that they have a wealth of options around every corner. This is true for venues, along with everything else. Most cities have traditional venues such as hotels, but they will also have unique spaces in which to hold your wedding such as lofts, old libraries, and museums. Some even have outdoor spaces that may satisfy your inclination to have a more rural setting. Who says you need to choose one or the other? You can have the best of both worlds, even in a city, when it comes to your wedding day.

There Are Endless Vendor Options

Because cities act as a central hub for so many businesses, you’ll have many different vendors to choose from in a city wedding location. Best of all, you won’t have to pay those travel fees that many vendors from cities charge to travel to the suburbs or surrounding locations for weddings. From florists to photographers and entertainers, you’ll be choosing from the best of the best in a city and you won’t have to settle for any vendors you don’t completely love. Additionally, city vendors get a ton of use, and will therefore have a wealth of reviews available. This will make it easy to learn more about the quality of their service and whether or not they’re the right fit for your wedding.

There’s a Variety of Scenery

A bride and groom standing in the middle of the road under an umbrella in an urban setting.

Many cities have a range of scenery within them so that you can really mix up your photos to make them special. For instance, take the city of Chicago which offers the opportunity for incredible photos with its sprawling skyline juxtaposed by sparkling Lake Michigan. Many couples who get married in Chicago choose to take photos both in the bustling streets of the city and in the parks or in front of the lake, giving them the best of both worlds when it comes to the backdrop of their big day. Many other cities feature this variety, making them great candidates for wedding locations.

You Can Choose Multiple Locations for Your Wedding Weekend

When it comes to your welcome party, rehearsal dinner, the wedding after-party, or post-wedding brunch, you’ll have an endless array of venues and party styles to choose from in a city. You will certainly not be bound to your wedding venue as cities are bursting at the seams with amazing clubs, restaurants, and event spaces. Have your pick of the litter and make each event uniquely its own with the freedom and variety you’ll experience in the city of your choice.

Transportation on the Day-of Is Easy

A bride and groom in a city running across the crosswalk.

A large cost associated with many weddings is transportation. Many couples end up having to hire buses or other methods of transportation to get guests from one place to the next (for example, from the ceremony to the reception). One convenient thing about cities is that many sites are within walking distance of one another, potentially eliminating the need to bus wedding guests around town. Cities also have many options for public transit and ridesharing services, which is a great convenience for guests during travel in general.

You Can Take Advantage of What Makes the City Unique

Most major cities have something they’re known for. Getting married in a city means that you can incorporate some things specific to the location into your event. Whether it’s the city’s sports team, a food associated with the area, or items that are manufactured or produced in the city of choice, they have the potential to be a cool feature of your wedding. You can add these touches in as welcome bag additions, into your dessert or late-night snack menu, or even throughout your wedding decor.

City weddings may seem intimidating to plan, but with so many options at your fingertips and an exciting setting to boot, they’re certainly an alluring option when it comes to the best place to tie the knot.

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