The Best (and Worst) Wedding Flowers by Season

bride and groom with bouquet

Flowers are some of the most beautiful and expensive parts of a wedding. Brides often spend thousands of dollars to decorate with their favorite blooms, but one thing many might not take into consideration before making plans for which to use is that the season can directly affect the availability, appearance, and cost of their dream flowers. Most plants obviously have a definite season where they are at their best and this should be adhered to so you can have fresh looking flowers without breaking your budget to import them from elsewhere. Check out the list below for some of the best and worst flowers for weddings depending on the season.


The best news for brides ready to tie the knot in the sunniest part of the year is that a lot of floral growth is at its peak. You can almost choose any flower you want during this season as most can be found blooming naturally depending on your USDA zone.

Sunflower bouquet

Best – Sunflower

Sunflowers are the bloom that summer is known for! They are big, bold, and colorful, perfect to add a bright touch to your decor, no matter the style. They even symbolize adoration and loyalty; what could be better for a wedding? Just be sure to get a non-pollinating variety for your wedding so you can be polite to you and your guests’ allergies.

Best – Gerbera Daisy

Brides can’t go wrong with the bright, wild Gerbera daisy. You can find these in a plethora of colors making them perfect for both bouquets and decor.

Worst – Hydrangea

While hydrangeas may seem like a great choice for their vibrant color and large blooms, don’t be fooled. These flowers don’t like the heat very much and can quickly shrivel up as soon as they’re cut. While there are ways to preserve them for use, it can be tricky and it’s generally not worth the hassle.

Worst – Gardenia

Gardenias are flowers prized for their fragrance and beautiful white blooms. However, lovely as they are, they also have a very short vase life and do not like hot temperatures. If there is any chance the daytime temperatures at your wedding could exceed 70 degrees Fahrenheit, your gardenias can wilt and brown, ruining that perfect look you hope to achieve.


Fall is a beautiful, popular season for marriage. It’s the time of year the leaves turn colors making natural beauty shine in outdoor weddings. Some brides worry that because many plants are dying this time of year that there are no seasonal flowers to choose from. Don’t worry; there are still plenty of varieties growing strong this time of year.


Best – Ranunculus

The ranunculus is full of petals and is a great alternative when you can’t get peonies because of season and/or cost. It’s beautiful in so many different colors and has ferns along the foliage for a gorgeous touch.

Best – Snapdragon

Bright and wild, these amazing flowers come in all colors of the rainbow. Snapdragon clusters are inexpensive and are a great way to add some pop to your floral arrangements. They’re also at full bloom during cooler weather like fall and spring and have long stems, so they’re wonderful to fill vases for decor.

Best – Marigold

Marigolds are vibrant flowers that come most often in yellow and orange, great for the traditional fall color palette! The strong, bold blooms have many petals for a pretty touch and will grow continuously all year, even well into the cooler seasons.

Worst – Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemums are sweet, delicate, and in full bloom during the fall season, so many brides look to these flowers as a great candidate for their decor and bouquet. However, these flowers are a guaranteed allergy attack for you and/or your guests due to the amount of pollen they produce.


Winter might be a time for branches to be bare, but flowers can still be found in all their beauty. Whether you are having a holiday wedding or a wedding in the dead of winter, you have many options when it comes to flowers. Use the magic of the season to boost the decor. Think bold colors mixed with snowy white flowers to bring that magic to life.

Carnation bouquet

Best – Carnation

The common carnation is a great accent for an entire bouquet of flowers. The heads are ruffled for a lush look, and the colors are vivid and pretty for a lovely touch. Best of all? They grow year-round!

Best – Rose

Roses are a classic and vibrant choice for many weddings, and there are some varieties that bloom during the winter. The only time a rose really isn’t a great choice is for a February wedding. The market is sky high as everyone wants to send a dozen to their loved ones to show their admiration on Valentine’s Day. The rose is a symbol of love and offered in many different colors. Garden roses and spray roses are the most popular types of this flower.

Best – Poinsettia

This exquisite, classy flower is a Christmas trademark and the bold color and vivid look is the perfect decoration at a holiday wedding. The touches of yellow in the middle of the blossoms give the flowers a light touch. It also helps that they are widely available during the winter due to their association with the season.

Worst – Amaryllis

This gorgeous flower makes a statement: it has a long stalk with amazing trumpet-shaped blossoms that come in many light colors, a welcome sight during winter. Price is what should give you pause with these blooms! Amaryllis is notoriously expensive and should be skipped by most brides to keep your flower budget from putting you in debt.

Worst – Just About Anything Out of Season

Since there isn’t a large variety of the more colorful flowers available during winter, many brides fall into the pitfall of just ordering something they want regardless. However, this is sure to drive up your wedding costs very quickly, and they will simply not look as good without a lot of meticulous care prior to the ceremony.


Known as the season for new life, flowers seem to be popping up in all their glory in the spring. Pastels and bright colors are prevalent for flowers during this season. Go wild with color and have a sweet day with the wide array of choices for spring flowers.

peony bouquet

Best – Peony

The peony is one of the most sought-after flowers for weddings. They’re sweet, beautiful, and are the perfect touch for any type of decoration. The only downfall is that peonies can be pricey; pair them with some less expensive flowers for a cost-effective decor solution. Peony blooms are very large, so you can cut down on how many feature in your bouquet and decor without compromising your perfect look.

Best – Bells of Ireland

These flowers are more like plants with their foliage. They’re distinctive and bold adding a classy touch to decoration.

Best – Orchid

Many varieties of orchid bloom in the spring. They are vibrant and can give a real pop of color to any wedding because they come in thousands of types, in almost every color imaginable. They are also a great option for allergy sufferers as their pollen is almost never airborne due to it having a stickier quality.

Worst – Daffodil

These gorgeous flowers are delicate and add a touch of pastel to any wedding decor, but their stems can spell bad news. Mucus from the cut stems of daffodils can actually cause a variety of dermatitis known as “daffodil itch.”

Worst – Freesia

This luxurious flower is known for distinctive scent and blooms that come in a variety of colors. However, although its smell is nice, it can easily be overpowering as well as allergy-inducing.

Worst – Tulips

While tulips heavily symbolize spring and the bright revival of the planting season, many overlook that tulip heads can be quite heavy after the stems are weakened from being cut. These flowers will droop not long after they are detached; not a good look for your big day.

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