The Best Finance Apps for Wedding Planning

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It’s no secret that planning a wedding takes quite a bit of money. Throughout the planning process, you will end up reaching into your pockets time and time again. For that reason, it’s important to organize your finances as best you can during this wedding planning season. Apps that help to achieve this goal are a convenience that you might as well take advantage of! Here’s four finance apps for wedding planning to consider downloading right away.


There may be some wedding-related expenses others are paying for, however, you are likely fronting the cost for at least a few things and chances are that along the way people will owe you money. Venmo makes splitting these expenses and collecting money owed to you simple. Nowadays, practically everyone has an account with this app, which is for peer-to-peer money transfers, allowing users to send and request money from contacts. You can keep transactions public or private, and send reminders about payments owed to you. Easy to use and safe and reliable for transferring funds, this is a must-have finance app for your wedding planning experience.


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As bills relating to your wedding start to roll in, you want them to be easy to split with your fiancé or whoever else may be chipping in. Instead of doing this manually, use a convenient finance app called Splitwise, which allows you to split various bills among multiple users. You can even create different groups within the app for different parts of wedding planning. For instance, you can have a group with just you and your fiancé, one with your bridesmaids, and so on. Splitwise is intuitive to use and will allow you to easily keep track of who owes who money, making it a no-brainer to use during wedding planning.


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Mint is a budgeting app that provides an eagle’s eye view of where your money is going and what you’re spending on, allowing you to scrutinize where you can alter your financial habits and save. Once you connect all of your financial accounts to the app, it automatically downloads a few months worth of transactions from each account, placing them into different categories. You can edit these categories and add tags to different charges as you wish. Next, you can set budgets for each category, manage and track bills, and set financial goals. Mint capitalizes on the idea that knowledge is power, making it easier to know where you’re spending and thus save more money for your big day.

Clarity Money

Another finance app that provides transparency into where your money goes is Clarity Money. This app can help you understand where to make cuts to better save for your wedding expenses. Similar to Mint, you link your financial accounts to the app, which compiles a dashboard detailing where you’re spending each month. The technology takes advantage of artificial intelligence, analyzing your income, expenses, and spending habits to come up with a discretionary budget, actively pointing out ways you can save money.

Another interesting thing that this app does is highlight all of your recurring subscriptions. From streaming services to subscription boxes to meal service deliveries, without the help of this app, you may not be aware of just how much you’re spending each month on subscription services. This makes it easy to gain that understanding, even giving users the option to cancel their subscriptions and reduce those monthly expenses. Clarity Money definitely puts into perspective how much you’re shelling out on a monthly basis for things that you may be able to cut back on, allowing for more money to be allocated to your wedding budget.

Finances can be tricky, and a lot of people don’t like to face the task of keeping a budget and examining their spending habits. When you’re budgeting for a wedding, however, doing so is important. These finance apps make budgeting, collecting, and spending money around your wedding a breeze.

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