The Best Health Apps for a Bride-to-Be

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For many brides-to-be, getting in shape and being healthy is top of mind throughout the wedding planning process. From shedding pounds to getting that wedding day glow or maintaining mental health, there are so many different reasons and ways to get healthier for this big event. To aid in these efforts, apps on your phone can make all the difference. Whether providing information or motivating and organizing, they are the perfect assistant to help any woman meet her health and fitness goals while planning her wedding. Here’s six health-related apps to consider downloading right now.


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This app is one of the best when it comes to staying on a particular diet, tracking your food, and ensuring you’re staying adequately hydrated. The free version allows you to log what you eat, count calories, and also input exercise. The paid version of Lifesum allows you to track food in the parameters of a particular diet. For instance, you’ll input personal information and your health goals. From there, the app will recommend a diet, such as keto, and then tell you the amount of macronutrients and calories you should consume each day. The paid version also allows you to track water intake each day.


This app has become wildly popular, and with good reason! (It’s a paid app that offers a free trial, so keep that in mind.) Headspace provides users with guided daily meditations, helping them to achieve a clear mind. There’s no better time to take up this practice up than during wedding planning, as it can certainly be stressful! Headspace aims to increase mindfulness and teaches users to focus on their breathing and to weed out distractions. This app is perfect for those who have minimal to no experience meditating, as it walks you through the entire process and makes it simple.

Sleep Cycle

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It can be tough to get an adequate amount of sleep during the wedding planning process. Between the excitement, the nerves, and the stress, getting a full night of shut eye may seem next to impossible for some brides. But getting the most out of your z’s is important, as that will keep you physically and mentally healthy. That’s where the Sleep Cycle app comes into play. This app acts as an alarm clock that tracks your personal sleep patterns, waking you up only during the most beneficial times. By waking you during a light sleep rather than when you’re amidst a REM cycle as a regular alarm clock might, you’ll awaken feeling more refreshed and naturally rested. What bride-to-be wouldn’t want to jump out of bed every day ready to face the planning tasks that lay ahead of her?

My Possible Self

With a focus on promoting sound mental health, this app is clinically proven to help reduce stress and anxiety. You track your moods and emotions within a user-friendly interface and then complete modules that teach mechanisms for dealing with these moods and emotions—leading to better mental health and a happier life. Since wedding planning can be chaotic, overwhelming, draining, and stressful, there’s no better time to get a hold of any anxiety or stress you face. My Possible Self offers an economically friendly solution that you can use whenever it’s convenient for you.

My Fitness Pal

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This is another app that focuses on getting in shape as well as weight loss. My Fitness Pal makes it simple to track your exercise, as it has over 350 workouts stored in its database. The same goes for logging your diet, as 3,282,000 different foods reside in this app’s database, making it easy and quick to use. The app allows you to count calories for the day with ease, and is free so you won’t need to dig into your wedding budget to use it.


Clue is a great app to have in your arsenal to help monitor female health. Built to allow users to track their menstrual cycle and provide information, this resource also allows you to track patterns all month long. You can learn how your skin reacts at certain time of the month and about the ups and downs of PMS for you personally. The app comes up with predictions and provides information personalized to you as it gets to know your cycle and your body. This is a great tool for a bride-to-be to help track her period and learn more about her reproductive system. This app is free with an enhanced paid version, so you can try it out before committing monetarily.

Staying healthy and happy is important at every phase of life, including planning your wedding! Use these apps to achieve that goal and to truly feel your best during this special time.

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