The Best Organizational Apps for Wedding Planning

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For even the most Type A brides, staying organized throughout the wedding planning process can be tough. There are so many details to track, so many to do’s on the list, and so many questions to write down and ask along the way. While staying organized on your own can be a challenge, you don’t have to go it alone. There are many apps that can make wedding planning organization a breeze, all available at the click of a button. Here’s four that we think will be the most helpful!


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One of the best apps to keep your wedding to-do lists organized is Trello. This free app makes it easy to take your lists with you wherever you go, also allowing you to check things off and add to your list on-the-go. Trello operates with different “boards,” which you can customize for each part of your planning. For instance, you could have boards titled “health goals,” “florals,” “decor,” “vendors,” and “honeymoon.” It’s fun to customize your boards with different backgrounds and, within each board, create individual lists with cards for each line item below them.

You can also grant other people access to the boards. Connect your fiancé, parents, maid of honor, or even vendors to the boards so that you can all add items and work on tasks. There’s a labeling system that allows different colors to be added to each card and for each label to have text associated with it. Truly, Trello has thought of everything in order to simplify the process of keeping and following a to-do list—and this app has made it more fun!


Think of this app as a catchall to organize not just your wedding, but the entirety of your life! Allowing users to divvy up items into different categories—such as habits, bills, shopping, chores, and so on—this app makes it easy to get things done. During the hectic time of wedding planning, an app that promotes productivity is very important.

WeDo allows users to break large tasks into subtasks, keeping them all in one place for convenience. The app also has features that allow for collaboration, as you can create groups and tasks for those in the group. This could provide a great way to communicate with your fiancè and break up wedding planning related tasks. The app allows you to set notifications when others mark tasks as completed, so you’re always in the know. It also has the functionality to add reminders, due dates, and recurring tasks. The possibilities are endless with WeDo, as there are so many ways that you can incorporate it into your wedding planning process to keep items organized, share tasks, and track progress. WeDo is available as a free app with a “pro” version for a monthly fee.

Google Tasks

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The slogan of this app is “Any Task. Any Goal. Get Things Done.” Google Tasks is an app that integrates flawlessly with other Google systems, such as Gmail. This makes it convenient to use for many individuals and can truly save time, which is important for anyone planning a wedding. This is a great tool to use in communicating with vendors that you chat with over email because you can simply drag emails from your Gmail account and automatically create a task, reminding you to reply or follow up on something in the message. Overall, Google Tasks is a simple app that pairs well with other commonly used systems, increasing organization in a time that requires so much attention to detail.


Everyone keeps a calendar, and it’s certain that wedding planning causes the need for a lot of appointments. It can be confusing, however, when you have different calendars—a work calendar, a personal calendar, a handwritten calendar, a digital calendar, and everything in between. Timepage is an app that works to consolidate all of your appointments into one convenient place, keeping all of your wedding planning calendar appointments organized. (It’s created by Moleskine, the maker of the iconic notebooks and planners.) This app is an actual calendar that combines events, maps, contacts, and weather into one, presenting appointments throughout the week as a timeline using a vertical weekly view. Timepage is a paid app, but there is a free trial available.

Don’t allow yourself to become disorganized and, in turn, overwhelmed during the wedding planning process. With the help of these apps, everything will be tidy and therefore much easier to tackle!

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