The Harry Potter Wedding: A Short Guide

harry potter wedding

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I have been an avid Harry Potter fan since my mother began reading the series to my sister and me when we were young. If you’re considering a Harry Potter-themed wedding, then you’re just as big a fan or bigger! With this kind of theme, it’s up to you how far you want to take it, but the ideas in this list can get you started. You can apply some or all depending on your taste, but if you really love Harry Potter, some of these elements will give you major chills. Okay, enough prattling on; let’s get to the good stuff!


If you’re having a Harry Potter wedding, the ceremony itself has to have at least one direct reference to the series. You could have your officiant play the part in some very fine dress robes. They could also perform spells like “proclamis maritus” to “pronounce” you married. I’m also very fond of the idea of a love potion; this would be similar to the pouring of the sands you see at some weddings. In this scenario, you’d have a cauldron on a table and you and your partner would hold beakers with different colored liquids in them. You would then, with the help of your officiant, each add your “ingredients”. Dry ice can also be inside the cauldron so when you pour your liquids in, it creates an amazing smoky effect!

Last, but not least, a beautiful touch to the ceremony would be to replace the traditional “I do” with “always.” Other fans will be the only ones who understand the significance, but this will add another level of theme to your beautiful moment.

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

The attire will definitely be important at a Harry Potter wedding. You can go subtle, with slight whimsical touches, or you can dress your bridesmaids up in a Hermione-Yule-Ball-esque dress. Put your groomsmen in dress robes and they’re sure to impress. If you’re not a fan of that idea because it’s too crazy, you could always have your men wear ties that coordinate with their house colors, or the house colors of the groom. You could coordinate by house for both sides in fact!


Guest Attire

So, you may be thinking, what will the guests wear? This is up to you. You can allow your guests to wear their muggle clothes and input theme elsewhere or you can have them play into the theme as well. Ask your guests to sort themselves into a house before the wedding. You can supply them a quiz or send them to Pottermore with a link on their invitation. After they’ve been sorted, ask that they dress in their house colors. You can do all kinds of fun things with this like house competitions and games at the reception since everyone will be sorted.


The reception is a great time to let the Harry Potter fun unfold. Where the ceremony might be tame, the reception can get a little more movie four (pre-graveyard), if you know what I mean. If you haven’t had your guests sorted already, this is a great time to do just that. There are tons of fun ways you can do this too! You can randomly assign them houses by their seats or tables, or you could provide them with quizzes and quills with ink. You could even have “sorting hat helpers” go around and quiz guests to determine their house. This sorting can lead to games where the best house wins.

Ink and quill

You can go as far as you want with the reception madness. The waiters can be dressed as death eaters or house elves. You can hire actors to put on a spellcasting show or dance. You could even hire tea leaf readers to provide readings to guests. You know what’s also great? Photo booths. Imagine the props you could provide your guests from the magical to the Harry Potter hilarious. You could even create cool backdrops like a bunch of hanging winged keys or a painted print of the castle.


You can do some really fun things with décor in a Harry Potter way. Your cake can have adorable HP themed toppers like a snitch with the words “you caught me,” or two adorable owls. Speaking of owls, the gifts table is not complete without some owls holding gifts (not real owls of course). You can add other easily recognizable HP embellishments like floating candles which are sure to please or your own personal goblet of fire. You could provide musical request cards and naught but a quill and ink.

White owl

If you want to go more subtle you can always add in décor that is simply whimsical. Play around with the aesthetics a bit and find accessories like table cloths with constellations on them or magical art prints to hang around your reception space.


Think great hall. You could present your food in this way, with the dishes brought to the center of tables and shared. The menu can include normal items (wizards eat normal things too) with some recognizable Harry Potter treats like treacle tart and pumpkin juice.

Speaking of drinks, you can really go HP with your bar menu. I hear Butterbeer is absolutely delicious. You could spice it up with other HP themed drinks like your own “polyjuice potion” with the warning label “Caution: This drink may turn you into someone else.” It’s these fun touches that will really tie the food in with the rest of the theme. You haven’t had fun until you’ve had your own personal Honeydukes candy bar complete with chocolate frogs and Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans either.

Jelly beans

A Fond and Magical Farewell

To end the night, you can give your guests some pretty magical parting gifts. The Funko Pop Harry Potter keychains are adorable. Your guests would love them. Another great favor could be a magic wand. There are a lot of tutorials around the internet on how to make easy wands. What a perfect way for your guests to end their night, with a wand choosing them before they go.

You can also end the night in style as well. Instead of the traditional “just married” sign on your getaway car, you could hang a sign that reads “Caution: Flying Car,” or, “Under the Effects of a Love Potion,” or even, “Mischief Managed.”

This is just the beginning of your magical wedding adventure, and I wish you the best of luck. Please watch your step as you exit the Hogwarts Express and mind the wall at platform 9 3/4!

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