The Hottest Wedding Planning Apps You’ve Never Heard Of

A bride using her smart phone.

If you’re anything like most, you’re a master of procrastinating at some of the more annoying aspects of planning your wedding. You may have spent more time shopping for your dress or suit than going through potential caterers or makeup artists. But since we all have our phones with us 24/7, there’s no excuse for not taking advantage of technology to do some of the work for us. Here’s some of the latest apps that are guaranteed to make your wedding planning a bit easier.

Book Beauty Professionals

A bride being made up by a makeup artist and hair dresser.

The Glam App allows you to book things like makeup artists and stylists with ease. Just make sure it’s available in your city. GlamSquad is another similar app that allows you to book the people you need directly on the application with minimal hassle, so that you don’t have to spend precious hours of your life finding the right folks to run a curling iron before your wedding. Pro tip: look through their images online to get a feel for their work before getting in touch.

Purchase Discounted Apparel

ThredUP is a sweet app for those who want to dress for their weddings on the cheap. If you aren’t picky about the style, you can often find killer deals on here, so that you can put your money toward learning to surf in Hawaii for your honeymoon or cooking lessons on the Italian coast. This site started out as a platform for selling old clothes, but it’s expanded into a line especially made for weddings.

Register for Gifts

Wondering how to organize your registry? Zola Wedding Registry is the Tinder of wedding registry apps and it’s pretty fun—you swipe right for stuff you like, in a variety of different stores. We recommend having a glass of wine and going to town. This is a fun option for those feeling daunted by the registry process.

Book Guest Hotel Rooms

A young concierge checking in a couple into a hotel.

When it comes to planning weddings, you try to make the event as cheap for your guests as possible. For many, finding affordable hotel rooms for their guests—and ensuring blocks of rooms are kept free—is one of the most stressful parts of the planning process. Use HotelTonight to make sure that everyone has a place to stay at a decent price. This useful app allows you to book rooms last-minute, in case anything goes awry with reservations or guests decide to attend on short notice.

Choose a Wedding Theme

Considering what colors you’d like going on in your wedding party? Simplify the process while giving yourself visuals of what the wedding photos will look like. Pantone Studio has thousands of colors, and will allow you to find specific shades to match your great-grandmother’s ruby necklace or a color in the venue. One awesome aspect of this app is that you can integrate it with your Instagram so that it pulls colors from the images you already have. The basic version is free, but you can always pay for more fun features.

Hire a Virtual Wedding Planner

For those who want everything taken care of for them, we recommend Loverly Virtual Wedding Planner. Select a flat rate if you want some simple advice—like where to hold the ceremony and afterparty, which DJ to book according to the music you like, and how to keep track of spending. Our favorite function? A paid add-on that helps you make and spread a hashtag for the big event, so that all of the photos and videos people take are in one place—and so that as many loved ones see your big day as possible.

Control Social Media Access

A bride taking a selfie with her bridesmaids.

WedSocial by WeddingWire is another app for those who aren’t into hashtags. It also allows you to create a password, so that random strangers (or ex-boyfriends) won’t be able to stalk your wedding photos. It’s a great way for your friends to share photos with each other, especially if the party got a little wild and there are funny (read: embarrassing) pictures you don’t want shared with the general public. Trust us, your family and loved ones will thank you for not sharing with the masses that video of Uncle Leo shaking it with the bridesmaids.

If you’re of the camp that wants to increase your social media following, check out an Instagram growth service company like Social Network Elite. They can increase your following without buying followers or posting on your account on their own. They essentially do the networking on Instagram for you, which is perfect for busy brides!

Track Spending

Splitwise is a fantastic resource for anyone planning a wedding. It’s great for when couples are sharing the wedding expenses with their families and need to keep track of who’s paying for what and when. They even have a credit card function, so no one has to put an entire payment on their card only to wait to be paid back. Use their Plates feature for splitting meals at restaurants in the events and days leading up the wedding. Simply put, this app makes splitting bills simpler, elegant, and less awkward so that you don’t have to spend any energy wondering who owes who money.

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