The Key to Themed Wedding Food

Sea themed cake

Themed weddings are great because they are the ultimate creative challenge. For some, this is a thrilling opportunity to stretch their wings; to others it’s a one-way ticket to panic city. Let’s say you’re not that crafty and you know you’re not good at thinking up tiny creative touches on the fly, but you still want a theme wedding straight out of Pinterest. How do you go from not knowing what you’re doing, to a top to bottom themed wedding? Well, first off you have to break it down into categories, one of the most important being the food. Good food can carry a failing theme. Wow your guests with amazing themed-food, and they’re sure to enjoy their time no matter what!

Proper Planning and Prep Time

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Here’s the thing: any task will seem insurmountable if you don’t prep enough or give yourself ample time to do it. Start early and be careful. If you’re going to be cooking some of it yourself, do test batches early on. Get your logistics down so you can focus on nailing the theme afterward. Having plenty of time will allow you to easily switch plans if something just isn’t working out or to practice until you get things perfect. You don’t want to end up trying to hit perfection the week before or coming up with ideas that you may or may not be able to throw together in time.


The best way to start planning the perfect theme appropriate food? Research. You have to know what you’re going for before you start making your plans. So for whatever theme you’ve decided on, read those books again or watch that movie for inspiration. Brush up on anything that has to do with your theme so you know every little bit of trivia. This way, you’ll have more material to work with when it comes to thinking of how you can incorporate it.

Take notes while researching and don’t forget about that good old internet. If it comes to it, you can always steal ideas from others who’ve done your same theme, too. Odds are, someone has done your theme before.

If you still feel like you’re coming up empty, ask for help. Sometimes the best research is the kind you get from the experts around you. Start a conversation on a forum asking for ideas or ask your cousin who’s really into old westerns for your wild west wedding.

Be Funny

Alice in Wonderland themed food

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Don’t be afraid to be too “on the nose.” Theme weddings are always a little over the top, and guests will likely appreciate your jokes and puns, especially when it comes to food. If you’re already going so far as to base your entire wedding around one thing, you can’t be afraid to go all out. There’s nothing people love more than feeling involved in the party. Even if they aren’t a huge fan of Lord of The Rings, your “precious” ringed cakes will make Ringers of them yet!

Focus on Look and Taste

If you’ve ever watch any episodes of Master Chef, you know good food is all about fantastic taste and presentation. The same holds true for themed food. It won’t matter if your puns are hilarious if it tastes bad or looks terrible (unless your theme is Halloween; then creepy looking food is necessary). Don’t be solely focused on the sticking to your ideas if you can’t execute them. Make that food great! Or, if you feel like you have a great idea, but have a sneaking suspicion it won’t turn out that tasty, scrap it. There has to be another fun, on-theme dish for you to try.

Some of your favorite themes have their own food wrapped in, which makes things way easier. You can be totally on point with your pumpkin pasty and pumpkin juice at a Harry Potter wedding. Your succulent themed wedding isn’t complete without a hens and chicks meat dish. You get the idea. Just don’t forget to make people want to eat it!

Little Touches

Carnival themed wedding

Image source: Michael Farmer Photography

Don’t forget any creative’s best friend: accessories! Embellishments can really help your theme take off. Let’s say your wedding is simple: gold. Edible gold glitter is the perfect embellishment to pull this off. You can also have everything laid out on gold trays. The surroundings don’t make the food, but they certainly don’t hurt. If you’re worried about your theme food not feeling totally on-point, you can just add little bits that take it the extra mile.

You can also center your other accessories on theme. Take utensils, for example. Your renaissance wedding would do well to serve its drinks out of goblets and its food utensil-free. The serving style can even be based around the theme. For instance, a Harry Potter wedding could feature family style dinner, since that’s the style the characters ate in whilst in the great hall. It’s these little touches that make the food shine even more.

Hopefully you’re confident enough with these tips to get out there and start theming with your food. When you’ve taken the time, done the research, and come up with the great ideas, your banquet should speak for itself.

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