The Perfect In-Season Flowers for Your Spring Wedding

Colorful bouquet full of spring flowers

After a long winter season, spring is finally here and better than ever. The sky is blue, the grey clouds are gone, and best of all, the flowers are bright and blooming. Typically, most people decide on having spring weddings because the time is perfect for either an inside or outside ceremony and reception.

When flowers are in bloom and attract the eyes of all your guests, the effect can be magical. Of course, one of the most epic ways to save money on flower arrangements is to have your florist only use flowers that are in season. Sometimes using flowers that are out of season adds more cost and could be out of your budget. If you are having a spring wedding these flowers are all blooming and ready to be placed for decorations.

White anemones in a field


These white, beautiful flowers are a more classic choice; they can be used for the decorations of a house of worship or a wedding venue. These flowers are perfect for every occasion and can even be used as part of the bride’s bouquet. Anemones come in a wide variety of colors, the most popular being white, but also bright red, pink, purple, and blue. The most famous type is the white anemone with yellow or green centers. Financially, these flowers are very affordable and rank in the middle price range. Anemones can be combined with other flowers too such as roses and smaller green flowers.

Pink carnations


These type of flowers are in bloom during spring and can be used for decorations all around your venue. Whether you want floral arrangements for the ceremony or reception, these are great for starting a beautiful wedding decor. Carnations are very affordable and make a splendid decoration as well as small floral centerpieces. They come in different bright, vivid colors that will leave your guests happy. These flowers will continue to trend during the whole spring season so they are a great choice for your wedding decorations!

Pink sweet pea flowers

Sweet Peas

If you are looking for a delicate and sweet smell, sweet peas are the way to go. There are a variety of different colors to choose from. Sweet peas have one of the largest range of colors in the plant world. From red to blue, these flowers can combine with almost anything. Your centerpieces will looks so good, guests might want to take some and leave the beautiful smelling flowers all over their home. However, this type of flower does fall under a pricey category. Compared to anemones and carnations, they are a bit more expensive, but still very affordable if you want your spring wedding to look spectacular.

Dark pink peonies


Peonies are loved by everyone and are a great addition to the spring decor for your wedding. Everyone loves these beautiful flowers even though they are one of the most expensive. Traditional peonies come in white, red, pink, and rose. A different type of peonies to consider are tree and hybrid peonies, these come in darker colors such as coral, mahogany, and deep purple. Peonies are so beautiful and can be paired with almost any other flower when setting up the wedding decorations. A great bouquet can be made of peonies and other versatile flowers that mix well with this specific type.

A bride and bridesmaids holding a bouquet of pastel roses


Finally, the most famous of all, roses can be a beautiful addition to your wedding. Although these flowers have the potency of looking spectacular by themselves, a small addition of other flowers can be a great game changer. These flowers fall under the more classical and romantic type. They can be used for almost any occasion, and work well with other flowers and mix beautifully.

Most centerpieces and bridal bouquets are usually made out of roses. If you are imagining rose as the focus for your wedding decor, white or light pink roses can give the venue an outstanding look. However, using the same variety and colored roses in different arrangements can look very odd, so mix it up to add some variety. Also, a full red rose bouquet can seem a little tacky and antiquated! If you’d like a solid rose bouquet, try changing the color to a lighter shade.

Roses can also be a form of a gift to your guests, leaving one at each seat for them to grab. This flower can be a little expensive as they are so popular within the spring blooming community, but they can make a beautiful floral decoration.

Spring is the prime time for different types of flowers to bloom, and these are just some of the types of flowers that are in style for spring weddings. Having a variety of different floral decorations can make your venue look absolutely gorgeous. Make sure you keep your floral decor to budget because specific flowers can be more expensive than others.

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