The Pros and Cons of a Sweetheart Table

A sweetheart table at a wedding with the bride and groom sitting in front of "Mr." and "Mrs." signs.

When it comes to seating at your wedding reception, there are numerous options to consider for you and your new husband or wife. Many venues are equipped to set up the space to your specifications, so it’s important to know what your preferences are before scheduling a planning meeting. After all, the way the space is organized will greatly impact how the reception is conducted.

One popular choice is a designated feasting table, at which all your closest family and friends can join you for dinner and festivities. This is also a common location for wedding party members to sit. While many couples prefer feasting tables, a seating trend that’s been generating traction over the years is a sweetheart table. Sweetheart tables consist of a place setting for two (you and your honey!) and are often extravagantly decorated. There are many benefits associated with choosing this type of seating arrangement, but is it right for the two of you as a couple? To help make your decision a little easier, consider the following pros and cons of opting for a sweetheart table at your upcoming wedding!

The Pros

The Additional Decorations Look Awesome

From an aesthetic standpoint, sweetheart tables are quite stunning. In fact, many couples go all out when selecting the decorations for their private spot. Not only will your guests think the additional display is gorgeous, but you and your new spouse will feel like royals as you sit down for your first meal as a married couple. Sweetheart tables are completely customizable, which means you can decorate them to suit any wedding theme.

Guests May Feel More Inclined to Approach You

When newlyweds sit at a table made up of the wedding party and/or family members, it can make some guests feel left out. They may not want to approach this jovial group, for fear of interrupting. Sweetheart tables, on the other hand, may make guests more inclined to approach you throughout the evening.

It Provides More Intimacy

A young bride and groom sitting at a sweetheart table in a field with the sun setting behind them.

Your wedding day is about you and your new spouse, so it makes sense that the two of you deserve a little intimacy. A sweetheart table is the perfect way to accomplish this. Sitting separately from everyone else will allow you to truly spend time together, instead of spending the entire reception interacting with guests.

There Will Be Plenty of Photo Opportunities

As previously mentioned, sweetheart tables are generally “dressed to the nines.” This will, of course, inspire your photographer to take photos of you and your significant other while enjoying it. The resulting photos will, without a doubt, be some of your favorite. (Additionally, the table gives your photographer great fodder for pre-wedding and decoration photography.)

You Can Enjoy Your Meal in Peace

A common problem that many couples run into on their wedding day is that they don’t get an opportunity to eat. This is because they feel compelled to talk to and visit with family and friends. If you’re going to pay all that money for a catered meal, you should at least get to enjoy it, right? While you’re still likely to engage with your guests throughout the evening, a sweetheart table does provide you a better opportunity to eat. What’s more, you get to do it together!

The Cons

Guests May Not Want to Approach You

You’re probably thinking, “But you just said guests would feel more conformable approaching a sweetheart table!” The truth is that it really depends on the crowd. It could really go either way. Being physically separated from your guests does give off an air of exclusivity. Additionally, some family and friends may not feel they are welcome to intrude on your intimate time together.

Sitting Alone Can Seem Exclusive

A feasting table at a wedding reception with

While sitting at your own private table can make you feel like royalty, it can come off as a bit standoffish. In fact, some guests might feel it’s even elitist. After all, getting married doesn’t make you any better than all the other people attending your special day. Not everyone will feel this way, but it’s likely these thoughts will cross at least one guest’s mind.

Your Wedding Party Will Miss You!

By the time your wedding day rolls around, your wedding party will have dedicated significant time and money into helping you prepare. In many cases, they’ve served as significant influencers in your lives and you love them dearly. If you choose to sit at a sweetheart table, you drastically decrease the amount of time you get to spend with these amazing people during your reception. You may also get fewer candid photos of you all together as a group.

Ultimately, the decision is yours. Spend some time talking through the various options with your future spouse before choosing the seating arrangement for your upcoming wedding. All that matters is that the two of you are happy with the final choice.

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