The Pros and Cons of All-Inclusive Wedding Venues

A tented wedding reception decorated with lights.

Choosing the perfect venue for your wedding is one of the most difficult decisions. Of course you want it to be beautiful and magical—but also under budget. As you hunt for the venue of your wedding dreams, you’ll most likely hear about all-inclusive wedding venues (not to be confused with all-inclusive wedding destinations). These are the wedding venues that offer package deals and might promise you “more bang for your buck.” After all, having your catering, decor, and so much more under one roof can be a fantastic value option. But all-inclusive wedding venues aren’t the perfect choice for everyone. If you’re weighing your options between selecting an all-inclusive wedding venue or not, here are some pros and cons to consider.

Pro: It’s cost-effective

Typically, having everything offered in one package deal, including vendors, will be a cheaper option than contracting everything else separately. Since all of your wedding expenses will be rolled out into one bill, you’ll also save on additional costs, including gratuities.

Con: You don’t get a lot of options

If you’re someone who likes a lot of options when it comes to food, decor, and flowers, then an all-inclusive wedding venue isn’t for you. Typically, you might get some choices but there won’t be a ton of variety and there’s no guarantee that it will match your style or vision of your big day. You basically have to take what they offer you and work with it.

Pro: It will save you time and stress

Wooden chairs at a wedding reception.

As you know, wedding planning is stressful and takes up a lot of time, especially as you narrow down which florist, rental company, and cake connoisseur to choose from. Tasting different foods and sourcing different wedding decor requires a lot of investment on all fronts. An all-inclusive wedding venue can save you all that headache by providing all that you need in one spot, so you can concentrate on the other details (like your dress!) with less stress.

Con: You give up control of your big day

Since you’re not choosing many vendors (if any) with an all-inclusive wedding venue, you’re essentially giving up creative control of your big day. If you’re someone who likes to be more hands-on and involved with decisions, details, and the people who will be a part of your wedding, then this option might not be for you.

Pro: It’s more convenient

Having everything under one roof, including potentially your ceremony, makes it more convenient for you and your guests. You don’t have to worry about ensuring everything and everyone is where they’re supposed to be when they’re supposed to be. Most all-inclusive venues will set up and take care of all the little things so you can enjoy your day and not have to worry that the caterer is running late.

Con: Some packages might not tell the full story

A table setting at a wedding reception.

Although this doesn’t happen frequently, there’s always a risk that you might not be as satisfied with the end result. It’s always a good idea to do your research beforehand and check out the reviews of others who have used the service beforehand. And, of course with anything, look around and see what other all-inclusive packages are out there that might suit you and your wedding vision better.

Pro: You might get a free wedding coordinator

Many venues will assign you a wedding coordinator/planner who will help you put the finishing touches on your big day before and during the celebration. They’re often on-site to help everything run smoothly and will help make your experience that much easier and personal.

No matter what, your wedding day has to feel and look right to you and your partner. An all-inclusive wedding venue can be the option that best suits you if you’re looking for a cost-effective and stress-reducing option that has all the bells and whistles. Do your research and go with what feels right to you.

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