The Pros and Cons of Holiday Weekend Weddings

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After you get engaged, you have some pretty big decisions to make regarding your wedding. Besides the location, you also need to nail down a date to exchange vows. While in theory this may seem simple, it’s actually more complicated than you may think. One of the questions that may come up in choosing a date is whether or not you’d consider hosting your wedding over a holiday weekend. This is definitely something to think about as there are pros and cons to having your special event over these times of the year. We give you some context below to aid in your debate over this scenario.

The Pros of a Holiday Weekend Wedding

There are many upsides to consider in potentially planning a wedding over a long weekend.

Better Availability

Holiday weekends—such as Memorial Day, Labor Day, and so on—tend to have better availability at wedding venues. The same goes for other vendors. This means that if you have your heart set on a certain venue, photographer, band, DJ, florist, or other specific vendor, a holiday weekend may be the time to nab them all at once. This is a great option if you’re getting married in a high-demand area where it’s hard to book highly coveted wedding vendors.

Seamless Themes

Holiday weekend weddings are easy to pair with a theme, as you can simply borrow from the holiday! For instance, if you’re getting married over the Fourth of July, you can incorporate fireworks into your big day. This is festive, convenient, and fun for you and guests alike.

Lower Costs

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When you’re looking to save some green, holiday weekend weddings may be the way to go. Because holiday weekends are harder to book for wedding venues, they’re sometimes willing to cut deals they usually wouldn’t. The same may be true for other wedding vendors over these weekends.

Built-In Time Off from Work

You and many of your guests may have to or want to take time off for your big event, but a holiday weekend saves everyone a PTO day. This is definitely a draw when it comes to planning your wedding over a holiday, as everyone likes to squeeze the most they can out of their allotted vacation time.

A Sentimental Anniversary

Even after your wedding is over, your anniversary will be special no matter what. However, having it on a holiday weekend year after year makes it all the more special! Imagine spending that holiday for years to come remembering your special day and the memories associated with it.

The Cons of a Holiday Weekend Wedding

To counter the pros of a holiday weekend wedding, there are also some cons to ponder in your planning process.

Costly Travel

Traveling over a holiday weekend may prove to be more costly for yourself and your guests if you’re getting married far from home or having a destination wedding. This is definitely something to think about as the cost of flights and gasoline are likely to be higher over a holiday.

Decreased Attendance

Many individuals tend to have yearly plans over certain holiday weekends, which means that some of your guests may need to decline your holiday weekend wedding to make way for their own standing traditions.

In-Demand Accommodations

It may prove more difficult to find a hotel block or for your guests to find a wealth of options as far as lodging goes over holiday weekends. This may be particularly true for hot vacation spots where you may be interested in hosting your wedding. Plus, even if rooms are available, the rates may be higher than normal due to the holiday.

Religious Considerations

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You’ll definitely want to think through religious commitments in conjunction with holiday weekends when it comes to planning your wedding over a holiday weekend. That can have a large effect on the ability of guests to attend your wedding, so you may want to stay away from long weekends that have a religious affiliation, such as Easter, and instead opt for one more like Memorial Day.

Holiday Association

Although the ease of pairing a holiday weekend theme with your event is a pro to some, it may be more of a con to other brides and grooms. If you don’t want your wedding associated with the holiday it shares a weekend with, a long weekend wedding may not be the route for you. It could be tough to shed that stigma if you do share your vows with a certain holiday.

Just like all the other choices you have ahead of you in wedding planning, deciding on the date of your wedding requires careful consideration. Hopefully, this list of pros and cons makes it easier to decipher whether a holiday weekend wedding is the right choice for you and your fiancé.

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