The Pros and Cons of Not Taking Photos on Your Actual Wedding Day

A bride and groom walking through a lavender field.

Your wedding is one of the biggest, most important days of your life—one that you’ll want to remember forever. So why wouldn’t you want to take photos on your wedding day? For some people, it might be a case of bucking tradition (because who says you can’t take photos on your day?). For others, it might be that they want the day to run more smoothly without rushing off to photo shoots. Other couples might prefer to live in the moment on their special day. Of course, every situation is different. So whether you choose to take photos before or after your wedding, there are pros and cons for each, and we outline a few below.

The Pros of Not Taking Photos on Your Actual Wedding Day

A bride and groom standing underneath a tree with yellow leaves.

You and your guests will be in the moment.

So much of our lives, including some of our most significant and memorable moments, are viewed through the screen. We capture moments for the ‘gram instead of choosing to be present and be in the moment just as we are. Without taking photos on the actual day, you can be totally focused on the here and now.

You won’t have to worry about missing cocktail hour.

Let’s face it: photo opportunities take time, which means they take time away from your wedding. Many couples end up missing parts of their cocktail hour and/or reception, or other integral parts of their big day, because of photos. By not taking photos on your wedding day, you are guaranteed to be part of each memorable moment.

You’ll have different backdrops and angles.

By shooting on a different day, you might have the opportunity to shoot at different locales since your day is more freed up. You also might have different themes or angles that you weren’t able to use solely at your reception site. For example, if you had an urban wedding, you could choose some more natural locations for your photos.

You get to wear your wedding dress more than once.

Score! Finally a legit reason to wear your wedding dress again without any judgment.

The Cons of Not Taking Photos on Your Wedding Day

A bride and groom standing in a field with sheep.

It robs you of the moment of your wedding day.

Nothing beats the beautiful and exciting energy of your actual wedding day. By choosing not to take photos on your actual wedding day, you won’t have that same feeling of anticipation and bliss that is so often present and which almost always shines through the photos.

You might not get access to your reception and/or ceremony venue.

Reception and ceremony venues are busy. Depending on when you plan to shoot—the day before or after your wedding—you might not get to access to them. You’ll have to choose a different location for your photo shoot. As a result, your photos won’t truly reflect your wedding day, and you’ll have to be OK with that.

You’ll wear your wedding dress again.

If you’re shooting the day after the wedding, this might not be important because your partner has already seen you in it. But if you decide to shoot before the actual wedding day, you are spoiling that special moment when the groom sees the bride for the first time.

You might regret it.

While there’s certainly no steadfast rule about taking photos on your actual wedding day, you don’t want to make a hasty decision on something that you can never get back. Having photos taken on your wedding is something you might want to have for your own reasons in the future that are unknown or not important to you now.

Your wedding day is a personal affair. There might not be any sort of protocol that you have to follow, but it’s one of the most important days of your life, which is why it’s important to consider all options. This includes those choices that are important now and those that might be important in the future. Talk it out with your partner, and decide what will truly work for you now and in the days ahead.

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