The Ultimate Bridesmaid Checklist

Bridesmaids helping the bride get ready.

Being a bridesmaid is one of the highest honors bestowed upon a friend. It can also be one of the most stressful parts to play in a wedding ceremony because there’s so much excitement, anticipation, and expectation for the perfect wedding. I’ve been a bridesmaid ten times, so I understand the ins and outs of what really goes into being the perfect bridesmaid. Don’t worry about letting your friend down, we’ve got the ultimate guide to rocking your role as a bridesmaid.

Be an Emotional Support to the Bride

A sweet soon-to-be bride can often turn into Bridezilla as the stress of the wedding whirls around her. It’s your job to simply be there and offer a shoulder to cry on. You can also offer a swift kick to her butt if she’s really getting out of control! Let your friend rant and rave about photography prices, the crazy people your in-laws want to add to the guest list and how she can’t find the perfect jewelry to match her wedding shoes. There are going to be small things that go wrong, whether it’s months before the wedding or the day of. It’s your job to keep her sane and focused on the true heart of a wedding. Sure, the wrong color of napkins may arrive in the mail and throw her into a hissy fit. Help her calm down and realize the wedding will go on whether the napkins are pink or blush.

Bridesmaids show off rose corsages

Keep Up With Your Wedding Instructions

One of the most annoying things about bridesmaids is keeping them in line. I had eight bridesmaids in my wedding, so it wasn’t easy to keep tabs on who paid for what on time and who still needed to find shoes to match her dress. Take this stress off of the bride. Make sure you pay for your dress in payments or in a lump sum on time. Don’t force the bride to call each and every bridesmaid the week of her wedding screaming to make sure everyone has everything ready for the wedding. One of my friends left everything up to us and only asked us to make sure our nails and toenails were French manicured. I told my bridesmaids they could wear whatever black dress and shoes they wanted, so all they had to do was show up and look pretty. Another friend simply asked us to wear our hair down to the wedding. Brides all want different things, so just listen to their requests and fulfill them on time. Don’t show up to the wedding with unkept hair and chipped nails. Don’t whine to the bride a week before the wedding that your dress might not come in on time. Her stress levels might just skyrocket through the roof, and you’ll face the dragon.

Help Plan and Organize Parties

There are so many parties leading up to the actual wedding, it is easy to get lost in all the festivities. If you can, help plan and organize these parties as much as possible. You don’t have to be involved in every single shower or party, but do as much as you can handle. Usually, the Maid of Honor takes the reigns on the big things like the bachelorette party or the bridal shower, but she might get stressed out and need a helping hand. Tell the bride the details she needs to know and handle the behind-the-scenes drama. Don’t let her know that only half of the invitation order came in or the caterer is out of chicken wings. The party will go on just like the wedding will go on. Parties and showers are all for fun so let your hair down and get wild with excitement for your friend.

Wedding party with bridesmaids

Make The Wedding Day Perfect for the Bride

From getting ready to walking down the aisle, it’s time to be a shadow to the bright light of the bride. Coordinate with the other bridesmaids about the wedding day. Don’t let the bride worry about anything. Make sure someone is bringing snacks, someone else is bringing mimosas and always have tissues on hand in case a pop up cry session about the special day happens. Be there if the groom needs you, as well. He may want to get a special gift or message to his bride-to-be and need you to be the delivery gal. Many times the girls get ready together throughout the day in a certain room. Create a fun music playlist so you all can dance and sing making memories as you get ready. Share funny old memories and keep the mood light so the bride is excited and calm for her big moment. When you get to the actual wedding, smile as much as possible and think positive thoughts for your friend. Your job is almost done and it’s almost time to drink and dance the night away, so get through pictures with your brightest smile and have fun.

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