The Ultimate Wedding Venue Checklist

Wedding venue

The wedding venue is without a doubt the most important wedding planning decision you will be making. This is where it all happens—where you’ll actually say, “I do.” But with so many different things to think about from the budget to the space to the amenities, how do you know which venue is right for you? Never fear, we have the checklist for you! You can even print your own copy and put it in your wedding planning folder or notebook to take with you to each venue you tour. Let it be your guide as you find your perfect location for your big day.

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  1. Check wedding date availability
  2. Check other open dates if my chosen date isn’t available
  3. Make sure my wedding will be the only event at the venue that day
  4. Check to see if the wedding rehearsal can be at the venue
  5. Inquire about times and scheduling of wedding rehearsals at the venue
  6. Ask what the venue cancellation policy is
  7. Ask if there is a rainy day policy

Wedding savings jar


  1. Ask what the rates are at the wedding venue
  2. Ask how many hours the price includes
  3. Ask if a deposit is required
  4. Check to see when the remaining balance for the rental is due
  5. Ask if a payment plan is available
  6. Ask the venue manager if there is a charge for incidentals or damage

Set Up

  1. Check to see if set up is included in the venue fee
  2. Ask if the venue comes with its own wedding planner
  3. See if the planner is included in the cost of the venue
  4. Ask if the venue will charge extra for using your own wedding planner
  5. Make sure your fee includes tables, chairs, and linens
  6. If linens are provided, find out what options there are
  7. Ask if the rental includes any other furniture
  8. Check to see if you can bring your own furniture at no charge
  9. Determine if you can remove any furniture from the venue
  10. Ask how many rooms your fee includes
  11. Ask about any outdoor space that’s available for use


  1. Ask about whether a sound system is in place
  2. Check if you can bring in your own DJ or if there is one that the venue prefers
  3. Inquire if there is a setup to play your own playlists from a phone or tablet
  4. Ask if live bands are allowed


  1. Ask how many parking spaces are available
  2. Check to see if there is any other street parking for guests
  3. Ask if there are restrictions on parking (time limits, etc.)

Hanging decor


  1. Check if there are any other restrictions on decorating
  2. Ask about what kind of lighting is available
  3. Check to see if you can hang any of your own lights
  4. Ask if you can add or remove any artwork in the venue
  5. Inquire if you are allowed to light candles or if the venue prefers flameless candles
  6. Check to see if anything can hang from the ceilings
  7. Ask if you can decorate the outside of the venue


  1. Discuss what options the venue has for catering
  2. Ask if the venue will provide extra meals in case of extra guests
  3. Check if there will be wait staff available
  4. Ask how much extra the venue will charge for outside food
  5. Check to see if flatware and glasses will be available
  6. Ask if you need to secure any permits for serving food
  7. Ask how special dietary requirements will be handled
  8. Check if there are children’s meals available
  9. Ask if the venue makes wedding cakes in house
  10. Check to see if the venue has any recommended bakeries
  11. Ask if there is an extra charge for a cake brought in
  12. Inquire if there is a cake-cutting fee (how much per plate)

Wedding toast


  1. Ask if the venue allows alcohol
  2. Check to see if just beer or wine is allowed or if liquor can be served
  3. Check to see if the venue has a liquor license or if you need to provide one
  4. Inquire about the price of cash bar options
  5. Ask about the price for an open bar
  6. Ask about the price of a champagne toast with cake
  7. Inquire if there will be a bartender
  8. Check to see if you can bring your own alcohol
  9. Ask if you will need liquor liability insurance


  1. Ask how late you have the venue in the evening
  2. Ask how early you can arrive the morning of the wedding
  3. Check to see if there are designated spaces for the wedding party to get ready
  4. Ask the staff what the best spots are for photos
  5. Check to see if there will be staff available to take any questions on the day of the wedding
  6. Ask what cleaning up after the wedding entails
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