Top Ways to Ensure Guest Comfort at Your Wedding

Bride, groom, and guests

There’s the food, the flowers, the dress, but what about the most important part of your wedding besides you: the guests? The people you have chosen to include in your day will probably range from young to old, big to small, blonde to brunette. All of them have come together to celebrate the one thing they have in common: you and your partner. And of course, you want everyone to have a fabulous time. However, too often guest-comfort isn’t as considered as it could be. Whether they’re big or small touches, there are tons of ways in which you can keep your guests in mind.

Food, Glorious Food

Okay, who doesn’t love food? It is one of the bigger elements in a wedding, but creating the right menu can be challenging for some. You may have people at your wedding who are diabetic or suffer from a serious food allergy, and you want to consider these things to ensure everyone has a great, hospital-free time.

The best way to go about creating a menu for everyone is to cover lots of ground. By offering a wide selection of food items, you’ll give everyone a chance to enjoy the meal. Plus, out of all the things you’re spending money on do you really think you’ll regret spending a little extra on great things to eat?

If your wedding venue is providing the meal, ask them about their allergy options and see if you can’t work something out with them. If this doesn’t work, go the extra mile and let those on your guest list who have food troubles know their options.

Detailed Information

Wedding invite

Another great way to make sure your guests have a great day is to provide as much info as possible before hand. It’s nice to know what to expect. Again, think about the different kinds of people who will be there. Some are elderly and struggle to get around. If they know ahead of time the cocktail hour will be a mile away from the ceremony space and everyone’s to walk, they can make necessary arrangements. It’s just one of those thoughtful touches that will help guests feel at ease.

There are lots of details you can include in your info to guests. You might want to discuss weather predictions and dress code. For instance, if you know your day will be a hot one, you can advise guests to wear something light. These are things most couples overlook mainly because they are extremely preoccupied, but if you take the time to provide the inside scoop, your friends and family will really appreciate it.

Stick to Schedule

Try your best to stick to the schedule. Yes, things happen. Dresses get wrinkled, rings get misplaced, ring bearers throw tantrums; things can get a bit hectic. If you really want to keep guests happy though, you’ll want to stick to the schedule as much as possible, especially ceremony and dinner times. A lot of people come early for the ceremony to make sure they get a good seat. They want nothing more than to have a good view of you and share in your moment. So even if you’re right on time, many people have already been waiting a while, and if you’re late, then they’ve really been waiting.

Dinner should be on time for obvious reasons. Not sure what it is about ceremonies, but they induce an extreme hunger. You know what happens when people are hungry? They get grouchy. Give the people what they want and let them eat when they expect to.


Wedding guests at reception

There have been some great ideas floating around like supplying your guests flip flops at your reception. These are the kinds of considerations that will really impress. Imagine how surprised and glad guests will be when you provide a solution to their barking (and I mean barking) feet. Think along these lines for other amenities too and provide your guests with everything they could possibly need so all they have to think about is their next killer dance move. Here are some more provided-items ideas to chew on: first aid kits (you never know what will happen on that dance floor), headbands for those with long—and sweaty—hair, and sweaters or shawls for guests that tend to run cold like your grandmother. Don’t feel like to have to break the bank on these small accommodations, but think hard about who is attending and make sure to hit a couple big ones.

You know what makes a wedding special? It’s those extra thoughtful touches. Guests will appreciate that you’ve taken the time to consider them and their experience. You may think all these extraneous details are too much to handle, but they will make your day legend. And hey, if you really want to do all these things, but just know you won’t have the time, ask someone else to handle guest-comfort for you. Your mom, dad, or second cousin; someone should be able to help you pull together and shape your day in a way that will accommodate everyone.

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