Ways to Entertain Children at Weddings (Down to the Invitation)

Two young bridesmaids

Are adults not the only ones on your guest list? Have a few little ones that are getting an invite to your special day? It is probably a top priority to you for your guests to have fun, including the little ones. The good news is, it is usually little things that keeps kids entertained, and it may even be an easier feat to keep them excited than the adults. When it comes down to it, everything you provide for your adult guests is what you will need for the kids, on a smaller scale. Food, interactions, entertainment, and a place to hang out will ensure a great time for the adults while the children are enjoying themselves just the same.

You Sent Out Invites for the Adults, So For the Kids…

Send them the first clue of the treasure hunt that will be on-going that day or an I Spy teaser to get them excited to go. Treat them as you would the adults but create kid-friendly goodie bags for after the reception, and have a trophy or appealing prize to win.

You Hired a DJ for the Adults, So For the Kids…

Hire a professional (or a few) to keep the children occupied, safe and sound. A babysitter will provide more than just a helpful hand, but security so the adult guests can relax and have a better time at your ceremony and/or reception. A face painter, clown, princess, or superhero can be hired to entertain kids for hours on end and give them memories to last a lifetime.

You Hired a Caterer for the Adults, So For the Kids…

wedding candy bar

Incorporate fun into their food. Set up a candy bar with individual bags that they can experiment with and snack on throughout the night. Have cookies and milk ready when there is a champagne toast so they can take part in the celebration. Set up cupcake decorating during the cutting of the cake, so that kids are occupied with their own creations instead of distracting from one of the most important moments of your big day.

You Have Traditional Activities for the Adults, So For the Kids…

Set up a station for crafts! Put down a paper tablecloth so they can get creative and you won’t have to worry about a mess. Set out wedding-themed crafts, like coloring pages with a bride and a groom, tic-tac-toe sheets, and more. Board games and puzzles can also be a great addition to the craft area. There are also fun ways for kids to interact, like bubbles, ribbons, or sparklers for older kids. And when the night is slowing down, the best way to have all the children settled down is a great movie.

Kids playing with bubbles

You Picked Out a Venue for the Adults, So For the Kids…

Create a kids-only hang-out where no adults are allowed. All it takes is blankets, pillows, and whatever else you can add. Bean bags, tents, and teepees make kids feel like they have their own space to play that won’t encroach on the adult guest’s space. Make the kid zone not too far away from the adults, however, so their parents can check in when they want. Also, have the babysitter exchange numbers with the parents so that they can send quick texts for updates as needed.

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