Ways to Get Groomsmen Involved in Day-Of Wedding Prep

A man wearing a white shirt and holding a pastel wedding bouquet.

Traditionally, the groomsmen don’t get as engaged with the wedding preparations as the bridesmaids do, but we’re living in a modern era. When what you really need are hands and feet to get some things done during a wedding, the groomsmen can be helpful source of assistance. What’s more, most dudes who think weddings are boring may think this because they just aren’t involved enough. Here are just a few of the ways you can engage the groomsmen in the many small tasks needed to pull off a great wedding.

Chefs and Snack Coordinators

A man at the grill with woman surrounding him waiting for food.

Even fully-catered weddings are accompanied by a zillion other meals: brunch the morning after the wedding, on-the-go lunches between events, and snacks galore. Get your more culinary-minded groomsmen to pitch in on grocery shopping and making sure that there is always enough food and drinks for the many family and friends who are filing through in the hours before and after the wedding. If you are doing a rustic DIY wedding or rehearsal dinner, they can even be grill masters or cooks for those meals.

Last-minute Crafters

Crafting is just as much a man’s activity as a woman’s, and when the projects you planned to DIY simply haven’t been done, it’s better to get as big a crew as you can to make favors or name tags or decorations. The guys may rib each other for hot-gluing fake flowers, but they could actually enjoy themselves, and get to know the bridesmaids more, too. Creating friendships between your friends and your fiancè’s friends is a great side effect of getting everyone involved in the process together.


A man carrying a crate of bottles.

By the end of the wedding week, there are usually a few things that need to be gathered and moved: flowers, cakes, and pre-purchased wedding alcohol typically need to be carted to the appropriate place and stowed. When a task arises, resist the urge to disappear and do it yourself: ask a couple of groomsmen to pair up and get some errands done. There are bound to be last-minute needs as well (there’s never enough ice, for instance) so keep in mind who wouldn’t mind sneaking away to get something done.

Vendor Greeters

One of the complications of day-of payment is getting the checks to the individual vendors who need them. The right groomsman, rather than waiting around right before the ceremony, can be enlisted to get the checks where they need to go. Groomsmen can also work as greeters to show vendors and even guests to the right spot. Even just making sure that anyone involved in the wedding has plenty of bottled water can be an invaluable role and will help him pass the time until they assemble at the ceremony.

Set-Up Crew

Chairs set up for a wedding with pastel ribbons on them.

Tasks on-site at the venue often take longer than expected if you are customizing any of the decor. Some vendors don’t volunteer a full set-up, like when you rent chairs, so there will be needs to create the ceremony location if you haven’t chosen a package that includes someone doing it for you. Bring the groomsmen to get a more DIY venue set up for the big day, and to place decorations.

Tear-down Crew

Usually, there are plenty of folks willing to help with tear-down after a wedding, but to make it go quickly, at least one groomsman should be wielder of “The List.” The List is an exhaustive list of where things should go (and which things should be thrown away) at the end of the evening. If the venue does clean-up, it’s fine to simply have a groomsman who knows where extra bottles of alcohol or displays of photos should go. Either way, it’s a great idea to pass on a note for how to finish the night out once you are off in your getaway car, headed for the honeymoon.

There may be other tasks the groomsmen naturally get involved with, but having these options available can help everyone to feel more involved. Tasks that feel like chores when done by one person can be much less intense when they are done by a whole team, so spread out the work.

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