Wedding Day Emergency Kit Must-Haves

Distressed bride

A perfect wedding day without any bumps in the road on your journey to happily ever after is pretty much impossible. No matter how much you plan, anticipating every single thing that could go wrong, little snafus may still happen. Don’t worry; you can make sure it doesn’t disrupt your wedding as long as you’re equipped with a handy dandy emergency kit. You can put out any fire that gets in the way as long as you are armed with the tools you need!

Mini Sewing Kit

Sometimes a stitch pops out of place, buttons jump off garments, or an embellishment won’t stay in place. It’s important to have a mini sewing kit with thread, safety pins, buttons, different sizes of needles and a tiny pair of scissors to quickly fix any attire problems.

Blotting Papers

Using blotting paper

Someone’s face may get shiny as you go through the day, especially if it’s hot outside. No need to let this show up in pictures. Blot away the shine and oil with blotting papers so everyone’s faces are always picture ready!


Happy tears may be flowing throughout the day. Keep the waterworks from ruining your make-up by dabbing your eyes with tissues. They also quickly fix any mascara dribble or if you get a sprinkle of water on your clothes.


You don’t want to be all dressed up and notice a random stray hair popping out. It might get stuck in your mind and that’s all you think you can see in photos. Whip out your trusty tweezers and grab any stray hairs. These are also handy to have if you’re at an outdoor venue like a park where splinters are a real threat.


Careful timing can prevent a wedding period, but Mother Nature doesn’t always like to follow even the best laid plans. Someone is always going to need an emergency tampon, but surprises can’t get in your way if you already have a secret stash.


Trail mix

Nerves may be running strong at your wedding so you and your future spouse may not realize you’re hungry until the pains hit. Don’t let anyone get hangry; pack a few little snacks. Granola bars and peanuts are easy to bring and easy to eat, so stow a small basket with a few of each in the dressing rooms for everyone.

Baby Powder

If you’re getting married during the hottest time of year, baby powder is your secret ingredient to staying fresh. Baby powder can be put anywhere to absorb sweat, prevent chafing, and help you feel fresh all day.

Nail Polish

It’s the worst feeling is when a big ol’ chip falls off your perfect manicure or pedicure. Keep a bottle of nail polish in the proper shade for touch-ups as well as a bottle of clear to fix the top coat. If anyone is wearing hose or tights, a blot of clear nail polish can stop runs as well.


Everyone in the wedding party may have groomed the morning of the wedding, but a quick blast of cold air can make hair stand on end. Or, someone in the party may have even forgotten to shave (the horror!). A small pack of razors can fix quickly fix unwanted facial, arm pit, or leg hair.


Woman drinking with straw

Someone in make-up is going to get thirsty after their look is perfect. Save your lipstick by drinking through a straw instead.

Super Glue/Krazy Glue/Nail Glue

Embellishments, shoes, nails, and jewelry are susceptible to falling apart at the worst time. Easily and quickly put things back together with a tube glue.

Stain Remover Pen

If anyone drips or spills on their dress before the ceremony, don’t freak out and tell them they now have to go naked. Quickly blot the mess, get out the stain remover pen, and let it do the magic of cleaning up.

Mini Medicine Kit

You never know when a headache will pop up, a tummy ache of nerves will hit, or you might get a scratch on your arm. Pack a small medicine kit with Tylenol, Tums, band-aids, and any other products you think you might need if an illness surprises you or someone in attendance.

Phone Charger

Phone charger

The wedding couple’s phones are going to be going off all day with pings of celebration and last minute questions from family and friends. Batteries will run down quickly, so make sure someone has a charger to stick in the wall quickly (or an external battery pack). A dead phone on the big day is no fun when you want to scroll through social media celebrations and snap photos getting ready.

Lint Roller

Tuxedos are suave, but the fabric attracts lint easily. Make sure you have a lint brush handy for any last minute touch-ups the groom or groomsmen might need before the walk.

Bobby Pins

Isn’t it great when your perfect updo sprouts a random hair? Don’t fear escaping hair. Have extra bobby pins handy and you can just put the hair back in its place. You may also want to have hair elastics in case someone in the bridal party needs to redo their hair after dancing and having fun.


You know the feeling. You get in the car to go somewhere and notice dry spots on your skin. Don’t let this happen before your ceremony. Pack a small bottle of lotion to throw on those dry patches. Baby oil is also a great addition to give you a bit of shine.


Bottle of alcohol

You don’t want to get sloshed before the “I dos,” but a quick sip of alcohol may calm those raging nerves. An airplane bottle or two of your favorite liquor may curb for your anxiety and help you take time to breathe.

Go through with your ceremony and reception without worrying about the little things. With this list of items at your fingertips, most minor wedding day hitches will be a breeze to fix.

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