Wedding Entertainment: Tacky or Fun?

Bride and groom celebrating with confetti

Have you ever watched any wedding shows where the couple had dancers or flame throwers perform at their reception? Did you think, “Wow that’s next level tacky,” or did you think it a nice touch? There seems to be two sides here and people are either one or the other. It’s amazing, this could be the next pineapple on pizza debate. Let’s look at the point of view from both sides, that way you can decide for yourself. Get ready party people, it’s time to play our favorite game: tacky or fun!

Weird energetic guy in giant sunglasses and yellow plastic suit

It’s Tacky

Let’s lay out the case for the tacky side. I guess entertainment can be kind of gaudy. It’s flashy, it’s entertaining, but how far is too far? Will your flame dancers light Grandma Ruby’s wig on fire? Is the entertainment safe consumption for all ages? Will all your guests enjoy it? Sometimes entertainment can seem tacky because it has nothing to do with the couple and that makes people uncomfortable even if they somewhat enjoy it. Sometimes it’s tacky because it simply goes on for too long. Belly dancers at your wedding to perform a ten-minute dance, cool! Belly dancers at your wedding performing for an hour, now your wedding has become a big dancing show.

Of course, whether entertainment is tacky depends a lot on the context and the performance itself. What kind of entertainment are we talking here? Are your grandma and grandpa singing you the song they sang at their wedding? Because that’s just adorable. And what’s the context? Sword swallowers at your very traditional wedding seems a bit strange and possibly, yes, tacky. But if you’re having a pirate-themed or Boho wedding, sword swallowers might not seem so tacky after all.

Basically, if the entertainment takes away from the couple in a big way or feels really out of place, it’s tacky. If it has nothing to do with the theme or is annoying, it’s tacky. What do I mean by annoying? Picture this, you’re having a beautiful little wedding: nice ceremony, lots of happy tears and memory-making moments, then the interpretive dancers come out in a way that you can only describe as “different”. Their music is so loud it’s made Aunt Marge go deaf twice. You see where this is going. Maybe it’s not about entertainment as a whole, but the type of entertainment you present and the way in which it presents itself that makes it tacky or un-tacky.

Bride dancing at wedding reception with lots of lights

It’s Fun

Entertainment may be loud and all that, but bottom line: it’s fun! It breaks up the night in a way that’s new and unexpected. Entertainment keeps your guests interested and engaged. It’s something they can all talk about. This is actually an unexpected bonus of entertainment: it gives guests who may not know each other something to all bond over and enjoy together. You’ve created a space that’s open and inviting and not afraid to be a little silly. What’s wrong with that?

Entertainment can be gaudy, but that’s what makes it so fun. Dull entertainment would be just that, dull. Isn’t it better that your wedding be remembered for it’s beautiful and amazing spectacles? At least that way it’s not forgotten. And in the end, won’t everyone remember it as your night no matter what? So you don’t have to worry about the entertainment taking attention away from the couple. Actually, this is one of the reasons entertainment is great. Maybe you and your partner can scarf down some food while the dancers dance or the singers sing. At the very least you can enjoy a fun moment where everyone is enjoying themselves and you’re not expected to perform as the happy couple. Introverts everywhere, take note.

The bottom line is entertainment is just another part of your big day that you will never forget. It’s something impressive that you offer to your guests that enable them to be wowed and have fun. If the entertainment’s good enough, guests will talk about it for years to come. There will always be the naysayers. Not all your guests will enjoy the entertainment atmosphere, but hey, it’s not your fault the music is too loud for Grandpa Earl. He’s always been a bit crabby anyway. And if other guests aren’t a huge fan, it doesn’t really matter. It’s your big day. You’ve chosen this entertainment specifically and for a reason. You shouldn’t have to justify something that is clearly special to you and your partner. If it wasn’t you wouldn’t have included it in your big day.

Now the big question here is really what do you think? In the end it’s all about you and your tastes. Do you think entertainment is the bee’s knees or do you think it’s tacky as all get out? Are you ready to book that dance group for your big day or are you having second thoughts? It’s okay to be pro or anti-wedding entertainment just as long as you respect other’s tastes. You may think that a choreographed dance is really tacky, but just thank your lucky stars you didn’t have to perform in it and move on. So, if you’re on the tacky or fun side, either way you win. The power to choose is in your hands and we won’t judge you either way. Just don’t put pineapple on your pizza.

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