Wedding Gift Etiquette for Couples

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The feel of a scanning gun in your hand as you register for the perfect wedding gifts gives you a rush of power and excitement. The best news is that everything from china and glassware to ice cream makers and margarita mixers are at your fingertips. Your wedding registry can be as basic or as crazy as you wish, but before you shoot all your favorite items, there’s a few etiquette guidelines to follow.

Don’t Go Overboard on Expensive Items

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There isn’t a set price on what the items in your registry should be because some guests may feel generous enough to splurge or several may want to group together to get you something amazing. That said, you still need to be respectful of all guests. Go ahead and put that vacuum cleaner, margarita mixer, and china on your registry, but also include items in a lower price range. If you only include the expensive pieces, some guests might feel trapped and you might end up not getting a gift at all.

Don’t Register for Essentials Only

This is your wedding registry so go for the items you truly want. Traditional registry items include crystal, china and home goods. Remember that just because it is traditional doesn’t mean you have to include the item on your registry. Many couples don’t even register for china these days because they know it will just sit in a cabinet collecting dust. While it might sound crazy to register for something like a chainsaw just because your fiance is drooling over it, go ahead and scan it! Each of you should throw some things on the list just for fun because you never know what people feel like buying for you. Someone might get a wild hair and buy you that brand new barbecue grill. Of course, if you love crystal and want some to begin your new life as a married couple, go ahead and scan it too. Make sure you register for both essentials and fun, what-if items so guests have many different options when they go to buy your gift.

Don’t Register at Only One Place

Giving your guests options should always be at the top of your list. Some people love to shop online while others want to go to the actual store when making purchases. You don’t want to overload them with too many store options, but you also don’t want to trap people with slim pickings. Each guest wants their gift to feel personal, so something might appeal to them more than just another toaster. Have more items on your registry than your have guests and and register in at least two places to give everyone a good chance of finding their perfect present.

Don’t Include the Registry on Your Invitation

Wedding invitation

Don’t ever put the registry information on your actual invitations. No one wants the first thing they see after getting an invite to be “this is what you buy me.” Most people find this just plain tacky, so stick to putting this information on your wedding website. It may seem inconvenient, because trust us, people will still ask where it is, but it’s polite. Everyone knows you are pretty much expected to get the couple a gift, so they will ask for the registry on their own or just send cash if they’re unsure.

It is still important to post the registry information somewhere, however, so don’t skip out because you think you’re being rude. You cannot just assume all of your guests will know where to look for your registry. Your grandmother’s best friend might not know how much you love Bed, Bath and Beyond so she wouldn’t even know where to start.

Let Your Fiance Have a Turn

There are a lot of things you both know you need for your home—mall kitchen appliances, decor, etc.—but there’s no harm in having input from both sides on which items you want. Make sure to work together on your registry so everything you could ever think of makes it onto the list. Talk about what is important to each of you in your new home. Let your future spouse register for their favorite bedding while you choose your favorite glassware. Your fiance may have their eye on something that seems a little frivolous, but it might be really important to them. Smile and hand over the scanner! This way everyone gets to be a little excited over opening the wedding gifts, not just one of you.

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