Wedding Inspiration to Take from Disney Films

A bride and groom standing in the snow at their wedding.

If you’re a true Disney lover, chances are you’ve considered incorporating some touches from favorite Disney films into your wedding. Here’s some ways to draw the inspiration you need for your fairy tale wedding from some of the most well known fairy tales of all time.

Magic Rose Centerpieces

One of the most recognizable motifs from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is the magic rose. Incorporate this icon into your wedding day as a beautiful centerpiece for tables at the reception. Use glass jars or domes filled with twinkle lights and standing red roses to remind everyone of your favorite Disney movie and to give your day a magical touch. If you want to add even more red roses to your table decor, tie one on each napkin at every place setting. (And don’t forget that you can carry red roses in your bouquet!)

Be Our Guest Book

Have your guest book be an ode to Beauty and the Beast by titling it on the cover the “Be Our Guest Book.” This is a fun play on words and your guest book will surely a keepsake you’ll forever treasure.

Mad Hatter Cake Table

Display your wedding cake and/or deserts on a table that gives off Alice in Wonderland vibes in order to draw inspiration from the tea party scene in this classic Disney film. Use tiered serving platters to layer pastries. Gather teapots in black, white, and gold colors as accents on the table, and use a range of beautiful, vibrant antique plates. This will be a fun conversation piece for your reception, too.

Apple Escort Cards

Who could forget the famous apple from Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs? Play into this classic Disney princess film by using this fruit as part of the place settings at your reception. Tie a tag with each guest’s name and table number on it to the stem of each apple. These will look great on a well adorned table and will certainly give off fairy tale vibes.

Horse Drawn Carriage

A wood horse-drawn carriage with a heart on it made of greenery.

If you have room in your budget, nothing channels a Disney princess like a horse drawn carriage, à la Cinderella. This will make you look and feel like true royalty on your wedding day as you make a grand entrance (or exit, or both!).

Glass Slippers

Cinderella is one of the most famous Disney princesses, well known for her glass slippers. As a bride, wear your own set of glass-looking slippers as your wedding day shoes. You’ll definitely feel like a princess with every step you take.

Glowing Lanterns

A tree at a wedding reception decorated with glowing lanterns.

To channel the more recent Disney Film Tangled, use lanterns at your wedding ceremony or reception as a source of light and decoration. Pile these on thick, adorning tables, lining walkways, and hanging them in trees. Glowing lanterns will create a beautiful and fairy tale-worthy aesthetic.

Themed Photo Booth

If your wedding is going to be filled with Disney-loving guests, set up a Disney themed photo booth, complete with props to make guests look like characters from the movies. This is a standard fun activity for guests at your reception, but with a Disney twist!


A candelabra with flowes on a table at a wedding reception.

Candelabras are a classic decoration that also have their place in the Beauty and the Beast film. These tabletop items are elegant and elaborate, and can be paired with flowers to make them even more beautiful on reception tables.

Princess Bridesmaids

The bride doesn’t have to be the only princess on any given wedding day! Have your bridesmaids dress up in outfits that resemble each of the classic Disney princesses. A blue dress for Cinderella, a yellow dress for Belle, a turquoise dress for Jasmine, and a pink dress for Sleeping Beauty will be a fun way to channel your love for Disney.

Fairy Tale Themed Invitations

There are so many directions you can take your wedding stationery in, but making them fairy tale-themed with inspiration from your favorite Disney film will make for an enchanting suite. Take your invitations over the top with shimmery colors, sparkles, or even a castle motif. Use words and phrases such as “Once upon a time…” and “Happily Ever After” to make them feel like they’re straight out of an iconic Disney film.

There are so many ways you can make your wedding feel like a fairy tale, and using Disney films as inspiration for decor and other touches is a fun way to enhance your special day.

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