Wedding Photo Extras: Do You Need Them?

Wedding photo albums

Memories preserved forever are one of the most important parts of your wedding day. Photographs of those special moments can let you relive the best day of your life and can be passed on from generation to generation. The only problem is that wedding photography can get out of hand when it comes to price. Some professionals know you’ll pay just about anything for every print and album, so they gouge you with prices and additional orders. It’s important you know about the extra items offered by your photographer and make an educated decision about whether you really need them.

Rights to Your Photos

One of the most important additions you may want is the rights to your photos. Without them, you can’t make extra prints on your own and you can run into trouble for publishing your wedding pictures on social media. Obviously, most photographers charge for this because it can hurt their business when you make all your own copies instead of ordering from them. If you want free reign over your pictures, ask your photographer about this extra feature and make sure you will be the copyright owner.

Additional Jump Drives and/or CDs

USB drive

Most photography packages include additional jump drives or CDs with digital copies of your pictures. Jump drives—or flash drives—are becoming more commonly the only digital storage device photographers sell since many newer computers do not have a CD drive. It’s up to you if you think you really need four additional copies of your wedding album. If you want your parents, your grandparents, and all your cousins to have 400 photos of your wedding day, then go ahead and buy a few extra, but in all reality, everyone in your family may not be as excited as you to view your wedding photos every anniversary.

For you part, it would be smart to at least have two copies of all of the photos in case your prints get lost or one of your devices gets misplaced or damaged. Your parents are the family members most likely to want one as well, to show off to their friends during get-togethers.

Additional Prints

Many packages include a set amount of prints in various sizes, and then offer extra prints a la carte. The thing you need to remember about additional prints is the larger print you want, the most pixels you need to include. If you want larger photos, large canvas prints, or mounted photos, it is best to go through the photographer even if you have the rights. If you order large photos at your local Wal Mart, you may lose quality. If you just want smaller photos like 4×6 or 5×7 to put in frames or a scrapbook, you can order those without fear of losing quality. Most photographers will charge you a premium fee to make copies so think hard about the size of photos you need before purchasing.

Photo Albums

White wedding album

Wedding photo albums are a must to most couples. If you want to take the time to create the masterpiece yourself, you can find some great deals online. Most online photo album creators assist you step by step and some even offer to place the photos throughout the book in random order. If you don’t want to sort through all of your photos and put them in the perfect formations on each page, then this route is for you.

Not all photographers offer to put together photo albums, but many will give you a discounted book. You can decide if you want flush mount or traditional album. If you want these albums for family members instead of just a digital album, talk to the photographer about getting a discounted bulk price.

Additional Photographer Hours

Wedding photographers usually charge couples for a session that lasts a set number of hours, allowing them to snap photos throughout the day. At first, eight hours may sound like enough, but you might be wrong. Many couples want photos for them getting ready, of guests and the venue before the ceremony, during the ceremony, and then shots of the couple at the reception. Your reception may be four hours in and of itself, and if your photographer runs out of time in the middle of your ceremony, there could be no pictures of your first dance or your big exit. Have a very concrete schedule in your mind of how long your ceremony and reception may last and then give yourself a lot of wiggle room before you decide to need to add on extra hours. However, don’t cut back on spending extra if your timing is tight. You may regret the pictures that get missed.

Assistants or Extra Staff

Wedding photographer

Larger studios might offer an extra photographer or assistant for a fee. This may seem silly, but it could be very important. Another camera means twice as many photos of the wedding and less chance that you’ll miss something you want. One photographer is only able to see one point of view. For example, you may want shots from every viewpoint as you exchange vows, rather than just from behind or in front of you. Additional photographers are not only able to get different viewpoints, they are also able to canvas more of the reception area. You will get even more pictures of guests dancing and socializing. The extra equipment on site can also be helpful in case something goes wrong with the original photographer’s equipment.


You’ve probably ridden a crazy rollercoaster at an amusement park and seen your hilarious ride photo. Not only do they throw you on the big screen, they also offer to put it on every accessory known to man: prints, magnets, t-shirts, keychains, coffee mugs, etc. Wedding photos are much more precious to most people than that rollercoaster photo, so some accessories might be a fun option. If you want a magnet with your entire family from your wedding day or a mousepad of your bridal party, go ahead and add it. Accessories are a fun, usually inexpensive way to portray your wedding day memories; just don’t get carried away if you’re already stretching your budget.

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