Wedding Trends Worth the Splurge in 2020

A welcome sign on dark wood with white calligraphy at a wedding reception.

A wedding budget is certainly a tricky thing, as setting one in general can be hard. Once you decipher that number, though, the harder thing is probably sticking to it. It’s especially difficult to stay within the parameters of your budget due to all of the details that really add up once you start adding them to your big day. From photography to decor to stationery and everything in between, there are so many ways you can make your wedding a dream come true and to stay with the current wedding trends. As these trends come and go, though, it can also be hard to decipher which are worth the money on your big day. Here are some that are worth reaching in your pocket for and a few that you may want to skip.

What Trends to Splurge On

Wedding Videography

A drone taking video of a bride and groom on a grassy field.

Wedding videos are more popular now than ever—and with a certain style to them, too. Videographers are curating beautiful mini movies when it comes to showcasing the memories of your big day. These are worth shelling out for, as they are one of the only things you’ll walk away with after your event is over. You’ll love reliving the moments time and time again, especially since your wedding day is guaranteed to pass in the blink of an eye.

Pre-Wedding Self-Care

A woman getting a massage surrounded by candles before her wedding.

Self-care is more than just a wedding trend; it’s a lifestyle trend these days! Nonetheless, it’s become more and more important that couples prioritize self-care leading up to the big day because of the mental and emotional stress that wedding planning can induce. Carve some money out of your budget for something relaxing and invigorating in the month or weeks before your big day. This could be something like a couple’s massage or maybe even a weekend getaway with no wedding talk allowed.

Wedding Signage and Day-Of Stationery

Some may find that wedding signage and day-of stationery isn’t quite worth spending money on. However, these items are very important to not only helping your day run smoothly, but also to ensuring a great guest experience! Signs can enhance the guest experience as well as minimize confusion and questions at your event. They can also act as keepsakes after your wedding, doubling as treasured mementos and home decor.

Killer Bridal Shoes

White heels with rhinestones on the back next to a wedding dress.

Some brides may feel as though their wedding shoes are a place to save, but investing in a great pair to wear on the big day is well worth it. You’ll want something not only stylish, but also comfortable and well made so that they can support lots of activity on your wedding day without causing tired or ache-y feet.

Great Glam

A bride getting her makeup done by a professional makeup artist.

Another splurge more and more brides are purchasing is a fantastic glam team of hair and makeup artists. Not only does this help a bride look and feel her best as she walks down the aisle, but it also offers a huge convenience for her and the bridesmaids. Instead of running around the morning of the wedding, imagine kicking back, relaxing, and getting your hair and makeup done in the comfort of your own accommodations.

What Trends to Save On

Statement Veils

A bride and groom standing underneath the brides long veil.

While statement veils are definitely a big trend right now thanks to certain weddings in recent pop culture, that doesn’t mean you should break the bank when it comes to joining in on this one. There are so many places to find affordable statement-making veils, such as Etsy and vintage shops, that it isn’t necessary to shell out big bucks on this one.

“Getting Ready” Outfits

There are so many trendy ideas out there when it comes to what a bride and her gals should do when getting ready on the big day. A popular option is matching robes or lounge wear to look cute (and comfortable). While many of these popular options are rather pricey, there’s no need to shell out major cash for this detail. Be a thrifty shopper and take advantage of sales over holiday weekends or the end of seasons. Also search for “dupes” of the pricier pieces that you like and you’re likely to find something at a much more reasonable price point.

Over-the-Top Invitations

A simple and minimal save the date and wedding invitaiton suite.

It’s common to see influencers and bridal blogs alike posting about over-the-top invitation suites for weddings. These may include special materials, hand calligraphy, glitter, photographs, multiple pieces of paper—and the list goes on! This stationery can be pretty expensive—and it’s not always worth the investment unless this is something that’s particularly important to your wedding vision. With so many affordable stationery options out there, this is something you can save on. Remember that many of your guests will end up throwing your invitation away, which is good motivation not to spend a ton on it.

Wedding trends come and go, so use this guide to decipher what is worth incorporating into your budget and where you can afford to save some green.

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