What Should You Include on Your Wedding Website?

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As you’re starting to piece together the details of your wedding, you may want to create a wedding website (or “wedsite”) to pass along to friends and family and update with information as you get closer to the big day! But what needs to be included on this site? Are there certain things you want to make sure not miss? Here’s a list of helpful information to include on your wedsite.

Your Relationship Story

Including the story of your relationship is a huge–and fun!–part of your wedding website. It’s the perfect place to give your friends and family some background of how exactly you got to where you are today, plus it’s a great way to share little things people might not know, like your engagement story or how you first met. If you want to get extra sweet, have separate sections for you and your partner to each tell your individual perspective of those big events! This is also the perfect place to include likes and dislikes, fun facts, or anything else to add more of yourselves to the site.

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Engagement Photos/Couple Photos

If you had engagement photos taken, this is the PERFECT place to display them. A lot of template wedding websites have an entire page for posting photos of you and your boo, and engagement photos are the perfect option for those pages. You could also use the photo space to showcase a timeline of your relationship, photos from your first date all the way through to updated ones of today. It’s a really fun, visual way to show everyone how far you’ve come and also showcase some neat places you may have been or activities you might participate in as a couple. The photo section also helps people, like more distant relatives who may only know you (or your partner) get acquainted before the big day!

Bridal Party Info

Although optional, it’s super fun to include some photos and short blurbs to describe your bridal party on your site as well. This serves a few purposes: it’s a nice way to acknowledge the folks who are helping so much as a big part of your day, and it also helps point friends and relatives towards people who can be helpful to them as they get closer to your wedding day. You don’t need your nine college besties all texting you for directions the day before your wedding, but if they know your maid of honor, they’ll make sure to reach out to her instead! Including your bridal party on your website is kind, fun, and practical!

Accommodation Information

This is one of the things people will absolutely be on the lookout for on your website: information on where they can stay for the festivities. If you’ve blocked out any groups of hotel rooms, this is the place to confirm that with the name, address, phone number, and website of the location! You might also use this space to include some alternative locations nearby that may not have rooms booked, but could be options for folks in different ranges of budget. Having a place to start can be a huge help for people who aren’t local to your wedding location, and this will help curb you or your family getting lots of questions about accommodations.

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Wedding Details

This is probably the most important thing to include on your wedding website—all of those little details that you want to make sure people know but that you don’t want to be bombarded with in the days leading up to your event. Some obvious things to include here would be the addresses for both your ceremony and reception (if they’re in the same place, it’s a good idea to explicitly say that) as well as the exact start and ending times for the difference parts of your celebration. Additional important information would be things like shuttles to and from the hotel, if that’s something you’re providing. And make sure you include any specifics on wedding dress code, I cannot even begin to tell you how many people said they checked our wedsite for attire information before our wedding. People will forget and will want to confirm these things, so the more information on there the better! If you’re unsure about including something, just put it on there. you’ll likely have at least one person searching for that information and having it all in a concentrated space will make life easier for all involved.

RSVP (Optional)

I did not personally do this on our personal wedding website, but I do know several people who have included the option to RSVP directly there. This would probably be the best option for friends and family who are technologically advanced and would find this option quicker and easier than returning a physical RSVP card. Some couples even choose to do both options, including an RSVP option on their site but also sending out invites with RSVP cards inside. This way, the guests can choose which option is preferable to RSVP by and will act accordingly.

Wedding websites are not only super fun to make, but can be extremely helpful to curb unnecessary questions or confusion during the planning process, plus it’s a great record of an amazing time in your life. When in doubt, add it to the wedding website! Be sure to include your own personal story, photos, and flair to your site and you can’t go wrong with whatever you choose to include.

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