What You Should Know About Giving Food Favors

Wedding favors in boxes with thank you notes

Food favors are just plain fun. Many couples decide to give food as their wedding favors because it’s practical, cost effective and won’t end up in your junk drawer with other wedding favors. Edible wedding favors cover a broad spectrum from a candy buffet or personalized tea bags to customized lollipops and chocolates. It seems like the perfect gift for guests, but there’s still a few things you need to think about before giving food favors.

Seasonal Cost

Wedding favors can get expensive if you have a lot of guests. It’s best to shop for food gifts during times when that food is not in peak season. We did a candy buffet at my wedding where guests could fill up a bag with many different types of sweets. Candy isn’t one of the most cost efficient things when buying for hundreds of people so I bought it when it went on sale. Watch for sales at local stores as many times they will put confections on sale for a large percentage off. My biggest secret was going to the store the day after a holiday and stocking up on that type of candy. The only thing you really need to watch out for during seasonal purchases is color. You don’t want to buy a lot of pastel M&Ms when you have a red and black wedding. Halloween candy hits the stores at the end of summer so don’t jump on it right when you see it in the aisles. Give it a few weeks and/or hit those aisles right after Halloween to save big. Candy doesn’t usually go bad as long as you aren’t waiting a year from purchasing it to give it to friends!

A variety of candy at a wedding

Buy in Bulk

The best way to save money on wedding favors is to buy in bulk. If you buy a few personalized tea bags in one design and a few in another style, you are quickly diving headfirst into your pocketbook. Buy the same favor in a large amount to save the most money. It’s easy on the producer and easier on your budget. You may have leftovers from buying in bulk, but you can save the surplus favors and eat them for fun at a later date.

Allergies and Dietary Restrictions

Before you place an edible favor at each person’s seat, you have to understand some people will not be able to enjoy the treat due to food allergies or dietary restrictions. People with a severe allergy to certain foods can go into anaphylactic shock by just being within a few feet of their trigger food. The most common food allergens are peanuts, fish, and milk. Odds are you aren’t giving guests a fish favor, but you may have some foods that include peanuts or milk. Many people have dietary restrictions and simply aren’t able to eat your favor. If you know about a friend’s dietary restrictions ahead of time, you can give them an extra special favor that is just for them.


One thing many people might not think about when it comes to edible items is packaging. How are you going to gift the item to each guest? You can use cute little personalized boxes, simple plastic packaging, mini gift bags, and many other options. Packaging can get expensive fast so be careful. With our candy buffet we purchased 200 mini boxes in bulk and added our own labels using a color printer. This little trick saved us hundreds of dollars on personalized boxes.

A variety of fruit covered in chocolate, nuts, and sprinkles


Melted chocolate on a hot wedding day isn’t a fun favor to receive. Think about the temperature at your reception before ordering edible wedding favors. A cute packaged s’more with a sweet tag may seem like the perfect idea unless your reception is outdoors in the summer. Stay away from edible treats that melt if your reception is outdoors or the room isn’t a cool temperature. You also don’t want to give edible favors that must be refrigerated because it might be hard for a guest to keep that favor cold after a long night or if they’re staying in a hotel. If a treat is going to go bad, it’s best to just leave it off the menu because you can’t expect every guest to have a refrigerator handy or even remember their favor needs to be refrigerated.

Order More Than You Need

It wouldn’t be cool to run out of wedding favors. Always order more than you think you will need. Some guests may sneak two wedding favors or you may end up having more guests than you originally planned for, anything unexpected can throw off your perfect wedding numbers. You also have to remember people love to RSVP at the very last second. It’s best to order about ten more wedding favors just to be safe. Odds are some people will forget their favor or you will have leftovers, but it’s always best to have more than less.

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