Will Meghan Markle Appear in Netflix’s I Do, Redo?

The Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle on her wedding day.

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Ever since “Megxit,” there’s been a lot of speculation on what route Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s lives will take. We might have a hint. There have been rumors that the Duchess of Sussex might make an appearance on the new bridal reality show I Do, Redo. Hosted by Jessica Mulroney, AKA Meghan’s BFF, the show is all about second weddings—kind of. Each episode will give a couple whose original big day was a wedding-done-wrong a second chance at their dream wedding.

Unfortunately, these rumors might be just that—rumors. There are mixed messages going around, while Buckingham Palace and other official sources deny that Meghan will be starring in the episodes. However, one can still be hopeful and it doesn’t mean she won’t be a guest in the future. Here’s some more details on the upcoming TV show.

Who Is Jessica Mulroney?

Jessica Mulroney is a well-known fashion and bridal stylist based in Toronto. She’s worked with many high profile faces, including the wife of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Over the last seven years, she’s also helped many brides plan their dream day. You might recognize Jessica as the maid of honor from Meghan’s wedding. Given their friendship and her expertise in the wedding industry, she can be partially credited for helping out at Meghan and Harry’s royal wedding.

Why I Do, Redo Is Worth Watching

Wedding re-dos are growing in popularity. Although disasters aren’t common, they do happen. And couples who spent a lot of time, money, and daydreams on the big day want an event worth remembering.

This is definitely a show to see if you’re a bride-to-be. Unlike other wedding-themed reality dramas, this one will focus more on authentic experiences. Jessica is very passionate about this project, saying that there isn’t much focus on this topic in the wedding industry. She’s hoping that the show will help many couples whose fairy tale didn’t turn out as planned. If nothing else, you can always learn where other couples went wrong and what disasters to potentially prepare for. It can also be useful for anyone planning a second wedding.

Should Meghan actually make an appearance, she would be the perfect guest. After all, her marriage to Prince Harry was her second time around! Although her first wedding was far from a disaster (a romantic beach ceremony in Jamaica) the Royal nuptials were a completely different celebration.

Is Redoing a Wedding Worth It?

It really depends. Most people who want to redo a wedding usually had one or two experiences at their original wedding that were a complete disaster. Rarely do people want to redo the entire event, not to mention that not many people have the budget to do so. When considering a wedding “re-do,” it’s important to think things through first. Was the wedding that horrible or are you just being dramatic? If your big day really made you upset, let your emotions calm down before making a decision.

Depending on what went wrong, you could do a second take in a minimalistic fashion. For example, if your makeup was a mess or your photos don’t look how you envisioned, consider scheduling a second photoshoot. Or if you weren’t happy with the ceremony, consider doing a vow renewal instead. That way, you can limit the guest list or even keep it a secret between the two of you. And since you already had an official wedding, this time around you can do whatever you want!

More About the Show

I Do, Redo will premiere on Netflix in 2020; no specific date has yet been announced. The initial season will have a total of ten, 30-minute episodes. Each will feature one American or Canadian couple who’s already tied the knot but want a “do-over” of their wedding day.

You can follow Jessica Mulroney (@JessicaMulroney) and her bridal account (@JessicaMulroneyWeddings) on Instagram to catch further updates on the show and, of course, her genius styling tips.

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