Winter Wedding Trends

Bride holding a bouquet with subtle winter colors

Tis the season for a beautiful, crisp, stunning, cozy winter wedding! If you’re having a winter wedding, which trend are you most excited about incorporating in your big day? Have you considered exploring any of these ideas?

Winter Color Palettes

One of the most lovely things about winter weddings are the gorgeous, deep, color schemes. Looking for a pop of color, but don’t want to go too bright with your winter theme? A delightful, rich burgundy will look amazing for both your bridesmaids and your decor! Or want something a little deeper? Try a gorgeous, classic navy. A universally flattering color, navy is the perfect choice to add to your color scheme—especially since it’s technically a neutral, but it has enough pizazz to add some beautiful visual interest wherever you decide to use it. Or if you’d like to go for a more ethereal, soft look, a beautiful gray tone will be a stunning complement to the surrounding winter decor.

Bright String or Christmas Lights

Although string and Christmas lighting has been a wedding trend for a little while, nothing beats a string of delicate lights in the wintertime. The exposed bulbs against a snowy background or in front of a roaring fireplace just exude cozy, winter spirit! A neat new take on this trend is to incorporate a variety of sizes or even hues of string lighting to your decor. Combining tiny little string lights in some areas with larger, more robust bulbs in others will give your lighting some fun and variety while keeping a consistent vibe to the look.

Groom escorting bride wearing a stole

Cozy Blankets, Shawls, or Stoles

If your winter ceremony is going to take place outside, offering cozy blankets for the guests to snuggle up in while they await your arrival is an adorable touch. Even with an indoor ceremony, it’s fun to include blankets in some way—perhaps fleece blankets tied up with pretty twine would make a great favor for everyone! And as far as your wedding party, you absolutely can’t go wrong by putting your bridesmaids in shawls or stoles to go with their gorgeous dresses. I was in a wedding recently where the bride actually knit individual, personalized shawls for every bridesmaid! Not only did it fulfill the practical purpose of keeping us warm during the ceremony, but they looked stunning and—most importantly, I think—they will be an absolutely treasured gift for years to come. Consider including a piece like this for your wedding party if you’re interested and able, it certainly will not be forgotten and will look gorgeous, too!

Birch or Other Natural Wood Decor

There’s something so picturesque and lovely about the natural wood look, particularly when it goes along with a winter-themed decor. If you’re able to get some, birch wood in particular looks stunning amid the rich tones of a classic winter wedding. But truly, any natural wood will play well with winter decor. Consider using discs of wood under centerpieces, as the base of a cake stand, or even small pieces of wood to serve as seating signs or favor tags for your guests. One thing that’s especially good about utilizing this natural look is it is an understated and simple way to add some elegance and beauty to your surroundings.

Mug of hot chocolate on table

Hot Cocoa Bar

Who doesn’t have memories of coming inside from a freezing cold winter day and being surprised by a delicious, hot cup of cocoa? Hot chocolate is one of the most beloved traditions of wintertime and your wedding is the perfect place to remind everyone of this childhood delight! Consider creating a whole bar around the deliciousness—with cups and bowls filled with treats to add to your cups! You could go in so many directions with this: additional chocolatey goodness with different types of chocolate chips or syrups, marshmallow sweetness with different shapes, sizes, and even flavors of marshmallows, or add an especially exciting surprise by putting out containers of cinnamon sticks, candy canes, or other candies to try! For an extra classy touch, include shakers full of powdered sugar or cinnamon to sprinkle on top once everyone’s creation is finished!

If a hot chocolate bar just seems a little too sweet for your taste, you could swap it out with a coffee, tea, or any other hot beverage bar! The key here is providing a hot drink and a fun way for your guests to create their own favorite warm cup of happiness to keep out the cold!

As you can see, winter weddings are all about classic, gorgeous colors and decor, paired with cozy food, drinks, and ways to keep warm in the chilly air! These seasonal weddings have an elegance and class of their own, and these trends are no exception. Did you have a winter wedding? Or are you planning on having one? Do you have a favorite (or least favorite!) winter wedding trend? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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