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We started Weddingbee because we felt like brides could use honest, personal feedback about the wedding industry that wedding magazines just couldn’t provide.  There’s something about blogging that’s just honest and personal.  As members of the Weddingbee community, we ask that you help keep this a civil, supportive and positive site!

Please Read our Comment Policy

  • Weddingbee will remove comments that are in violation of the Comment guidelines

Vendor Policy

Weddingbee would never do anything to jeopardize the editorial integrity of the site. Although we have received many offers where advertisers would pay us to write positive reviews of their products, they are all turned down, as that would violate the founding premise of Weddingbee.

The Bees that write for the site are equally scrupulous.  Our Bees are all volunteers, giving their time freely to share their honest and real thoughts with the community.  Bees do not receive any payment, kickbacks or discounts from vendors.  In the vast majority of cases, vendors do not know that a Bee writes for Weddingbee until after the wedding.  The very few exceptions are when copyright is involved (i.e. if a Bee blogs about a photographer she’s selected, she will usually request permission to post some of the pictures).

Whenever a Bee posts about a vendor, Weddingbee will post a small editorial note at the bottom, mentioning that there’s no financial relationship between the vendor and the bee and link it to our vendor policy.

Many brides are posting about problems with vendors, and we highly encourage that. The wedding industry doesn’t really have any effective self-policing organizations, so it’s up to us brides to stick together. Vendors know they have to listen to us because Weddingbee board posts often come up during Google searches.  However, with great power comes great responsibility!

The following Vendor guidelines apply when posting about, or as a vendor:

  • Keep in mind that if you name your vendor, they will often find and read your post!
  • If you want to vent very specific, angry and emotional thoughts, do not name your vendor or say anything that will likely reveal their identity.  This way, you can express your thoughts without subjecting yourself to libel.
  • If you do name a vendor, please write posts in a factual manner and avoid inflammatory statements.  If you share what the vendor has done in an even handed way, then our readers can make their own informed opinion.
  • Give the vendor a chance to respond and/or take action – either on the post, or through email or telephone.
  • Vendors are encouraged to comment on Weddingbee, but any spam-like comments and blatant self-promotion will be deleted.

When posting about vendors, be responsible and fair.  It’s never appropriate to talk about “destroying” a vendor.

Any comments found in violation of these policies or the Terms and Conditions may be deleted.  If you have any questions regarding the Comment or Vendor policies, please contact Cathleya Schroeckenstein at cathy (at) weddingbee (dot) com.

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