5 Signs You’ve Found “The One”

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From the moment you met, you could tell there were definite sparks. This person is cute, funny, supportive, and everything you look for in a partner. Your first date went well…as did the second, and third, and every date thereafter. Suddenly, you start to wonder: could this person be “the one”?

It’s an attractive concept—your soulmate, the one person with whom you’re meant to spend your life. But finding “the one” isn’t always easy, and it’s common for people to second-guess whether or not they’ve found their perfect partner. After all, love can be scary, and marriage is a big commitment. If you’re going to go all-in with another person, you have to be sure that they’re the real deal. “The one” is a unique concept that means different things for different people, and that makes it tough to know exactly who’s right for you. However, here are a few key signs that can tell you if your relationship is built for the long haul.

1. You Feel Truly Comfortable with Them

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We’ve all been in those relationships that feel a little…buttoned up. In these relationships, you feel like you have to look, act, and be a certain way to “earn” your partner’s approval. These relationships can actually be good for you in the long run (for one thing, they’ll teach you who you REALLY are), but I can promise you this: when you meet the one, you won’t need to do any pretending.

When you’re with the one, you will feel a sense of ease and comfort, like being at home in your comfiest clothes ALL THE TIME. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, you’ll always be able to be yourself around the love of your life. If you notice that you’re willing to sing cheesy karaoke in the car, hang out sans makeup, or tell your most embarrassing stories around this person, there’s a good chance they’re the one for you!

2. They Support Your Dreams

If you feel truly comfortable with your partner, eventually you’ll want to tell them about your hopes and dreams. This can be a scary thing; people’s dreams are very personal, and sharing them with someone else is a moment of serious vulnerability. There’s always a risk of someone laughing at you, shooting down your ideas, or deciding that your dreams don’t align with their own.

However, telling your soulmate about your dreams shouldn’t end with any of those outcomes. Instead, he or she will support you! Whether your dream is to open your own business, become a stay-at-home mom, direct an award-winning movie, or anything else in the book, your perfect partner will be there to cheer you on from the very first moment.

3. You Want Them to Meet Everyone Else in Your Life

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While people may refer to your partner as your “significant other,” your life is likely full of other significant relationships. Your parents, siblings, closest friends, and others also play a big role in your life—and once you’ve met the one, you’ll want everyone to meet them!

If you find yourself excited to introduce your latest lover to everyone else in your life, there’s a good chance that this relationship is different from the ones you kept on the down-low. Bringing a new person into your inner circle is a good sign that you want them to be around for quite a while (maybe even forever).

4. You Know How to Fight with Them

Even the best relationships in the world have their ups and downs, so fights are bound to happen from time to time. For this reason, it’s important to notice how you and your partner handle arguments—after all, if you’re going to be with them forever, you’ll need to know how to fight effectively.

When you’re with the one, fighting is about solving problems together rather than just winning. You both will be willing to own up to mistakes, hear the other person’s point of view, and grow from the disagreement rather than letting it sour your relationship. Sure, this isn’t easy (some couples even need counseling to master these skills), but if your partner is truly the one, you might feel more compelled to give it a try.

5. Their Happiness Matters Most

It’s funny: most of us look for love because we want to be happy…but once we find love, we realize that our own happiness is no longer our priority. When you find the one, you might discover that his or her happiness is your main goal. You’ll be willing to make sacrifices for them and do things just to make them smile. Luckily, their happiness is bound to make you feel pretty darn good—and if they are truly the one for you, they’ll be working just as hard to make you happy.

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