How to Know You’re Ready to Pop the Question

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Timing is everything. You know when this is especially true? When it comes to marriage proposals. (But you already knew that!) You love your partner very much and you can see yourself spending the rest of your life with them, but is it the right time to pop the question? Read on and think about these next points.

Look for Signs from your Partner

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Usually the timing for this kind of major life event can be discovered in the details. The first surefire sign that your future husband or wife is ready to get married is them actually telling you they’re ready. Of course, it’s not always that direct; some people like the mystery and surprise. If you’re the one planning to propose, the subtler the signs, the harder your job becomes.

Take the small conversations about big topics as a tip-off. If you and your partner are suddenly talking a lot more about future plans, that’s a good sign they may be ready for an engagement. When your partner talks about big topics casually, it shows they’re not afraid of knowing the answers. And you can’t be afraid of the answers if you want to move forward in your relationship! If this is the case, you shouldn’t be afraid of their most important answer, either!

Ask Yourself if You’re Ready, Too

So, your partner seems ready to get married, but what about you? How do you know the right time for yourself to pop the question? Ask yourself about the relationship. Do you two feel stable? An even better question to ask is: how long have you been together successfully? What this means is to consider the amount of time you’ve been together stably. Have you been on-again-off-again for years? Without any huge arguments or breakups, how long is your stable streak? Have you never broken up at all since you’ve been a couple?

Another question to ask yourself is how much your future plans match up. One of the biggest challenges facing married couples is difference in direction at some point in their lives. For a successful marriage, it’s important to start off on the right foot, knowing you and your partner see the same future. Do your plans on having kids (or not having them) align? What about your financial plans including major purchases like houses and planning for retirement? How do you feel about career goals and any potential moves to different locations? While you don’t have to make detailed agreements on everything, it’s important to have generalized goals and plans about how you will tackle certain issues together once you’re married.

Be Prepared for a “No”

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A big sign that you’re ready to pop the question is if you’re expecting a yes—but are prepared for a “no”? But if you think the love of your life is going to answer your proposal with a resounding “Yes!,” you may be wondering why it’s important to be prepared for a “no” at all. The answer is because feeling comfortable with all outcomes of a situation shows a level of confidence and stability that’s, quite frankly, needed for marriage. If you can’t stomach the possibility that your loved one won’t respond to your marriage proposal positively, it may be time to question your emotional maturity. And most would agree that committing yourself to one person for the rest of your life requires a healthy dose of emotional stability and maturity. While a “no” to your marriage proposal would no doubt be crushing, you should be able to at least accept and live with the rejection. Once you can live without the fear of rejection, all that’s standing in the way of you two and forever is a simple question.

When you know, you know. Past a certain point, it’s up to the two of you and your personal relationship to determine when you should pop the question. Start asking yourself the important questions before you ask THE question and you can’t go wrong!

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