10 Must-Have Items for a Wedding Day Emergency Kit

kit full

Sure… you see them all the time. Wedding emergency must haves. The lists go on and on – things you need and things maybe you don’t. Instead of having to carry a duffle bag to hold all of your emergency necessities, let’s trim the list to the 10 things you must have. We’ll throw in the obvious and the, perhaps, not so obvious.

Ideally, the job of remembering this kit should be that of the Maid/Matron of Honor. I know… another duty on the list! This is why you should keep it simple – using things you may just have around your house. Remember, the bride is the most important person on her day… but if you have the time and resources, consider making one of these for each of the bridesmaids too.

Before we fill it, we are going to start with the bag. You won’t need anything huge, just something cute and functional, especially if it is going to double as a gift. If you can sew, here is a handy idea using an old pair of jeans. Simply cut off one of the legs about 10 inches from the bottom. (This works best with jeans that are not “skinny” jeans.) Turn the part you cut off inside out and sew a half inch hem across the unfinished edge. For handles, cut two twelve inch lengths of 1 inch wide ribbon. Sew the ends of the ribbon, folding the edges over so they don’t fray, just under the thick hem two to three inches apart. Do the same to the other side, and viola, you have a bag.

the bag

Now, let’s fill it:

1.       Deodorant. I am amazed at how often this is left out on lists of must haves. With all the nerves and the hustle and bustle, sweat is bound to happen. A small travel size in a fresh or baby powder scent will definitely be a need on the big day.

2.       A package of panty liners. You know, the cute little package of individually wrapped liners that you can find for about a dollar. Besides the obvious, these little friends can be used for blotting the face, wiping lipstick off your teeth, and can be tucked in the armpit of your dress if sweat is trying to mark your fabric. You can even stick them in your shoes if you need a little more padding on the insole.

 3.       A sewing kit. If you have one of those handy little store bought kits, use it! Make sure it has a needle, a little pair of scissors, safety pins, and thread in corresponding colors of the bridal party as well as black and white. If you have these items in your sewing basket just gather them together and put them in a coin purse, a little cardboard jewelry box, or like I did, a plastic baby food container.

 4.       Mints. Peppermint, spearmint, or both if you’d like. These won’t just help with bad breath, they will combat nausea and dry mouth. Grab a handful or two and toss them into your bag.

 5.       Floss. Right behind mints, make sure you include floss. I prefer the rolled floss rather than the floss picks. Floss is strong so you can use it if boutonnieres need to be held together or tulle bows need to be tied onto chairs.

floss and deoderant

6.       Tape. Double sided tape is preferable, but if you don’t have any on hand, duct tape works great. From hems, to straps, to keeping cleavage in place… you will be thankful you have this in your kit.

 7.       Acetaminophen or ibuprofen. An obvious pick. There will always be someone with cramps or a headache from the night before. Simply take some out of your bottle at home and put them into a cute little pill box. Toss the whole bottle in your kit if you want. You never know who may need it.

 8.       Binder clips. These heavy duty holders come in all sizes and can come in very handy. They work great to help hold up a heavy train if any problems arise with the train attachment. You can use the small clips to “take in” a dress. Use a few to clip the agenda onto the mirrors so everyone can see clearly what the time frame is.

 9.       Straws. These are inexpensive, but oh so appreciated. The last thing we want is a spill on the brides dress right before she walks down the aisle. A straw will also keep lipstick from smearing. Another use for straws is in the floral department. If you have a stem that breaks, simply put the salvageable remainder of the flower in the straw for both strength and height. Use your floss to tie it to another stem in the bunch to make it extra sturdy.

 10.   A snack. Pack something filling and healthy like granola bars or trail mix. Making sure no one is going to faint or feel lightheaded because of lack of food will make sure the ceremony goes smoothly. For a great trail mix, get together nuts like almonds or walnuts, and add some dried fruit. Craisins are great and healthy and banana or apple chips go great too. Toss them in a zip lock and you’re ready to go.


So, have fun putting this emergency kit together and you will end up with a helpful bag of tricks on this very important day.

About Sara: I am a mother of four, a wife, a sister, a daughter.  I have always had a passion for weddings.  I started helping friends and family coordinate weddings at the age of 17.  In my early 20s I took a course and received a certificate in Wedding Coordination.  Along with weddings, my other interests are photography, writing, and anything vintage.  I live in Northern California with my husband and my kids and enjoy the sun, the water and the snow. 

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