2018 Wedding Trends to Forget in the New Year

5 bridesmaids in gray dresses walking along a cement path surrounded by green trees and grass.

Trends come and go—this much we know from shoulder pads, JNCO jeans, and crimped hair—and wedding trends are no different. And now, because of the fast-moving pace of the internet, wedding trends come and go even quicker. Here are the 2018 wedding trends that were great while they lasted, but that we are more than ready to say goodbye to in the coming year.

Humongous Bridal Parties

Your bridal party is a special part of the ceremony. These are the people who have stood by the two of you as a couple and who are pledging their love and support on your wedding day. But one thing we’ve seen a lot of in the past few years is that the amount of people in a bridal party has grown. It hasn’t been altogether unexpected to see 12 bridesmaids or groomsmen in a party. It can be difficult to narrow down who is going to be included and not included in your bridal party, but in 2019 we’d like to see more emphasis on smaller bridal parties or being creative in how you use your friends and siblings in the ceremony.

For example, your friend from high school may not be in the wedding party, but they can read a poem, be your unofficial wedding planner, or even just be part of the family photographs. We feel like in 2019 we’ll even see a lot of couples forego the wedding party altogether, especially because they know just how expensive it can be to attend a wedding, buy a bridesmaid’s dress, travel to the bachelorette party, and still have to get the couple a gift. You may think you’ll be disappointing your friends and siblings by having a small bridal party (or no bridal party at all!), but in fact, you may just be saving their bank account from ruin.

Plants as Favors

Small cacti in white pots as wedding place cards and favors.

It seems like everywhere you go, you see a succulent. It’s either suspended in the air, in a pot on someone’s desk, or the key decoration in a couple’s wedding. While succulents are great low-maintenance plants that look chic and help detoxify the air in a room, they (despite popular belief) do not make great wedding favors. Although they are perfectly lovely gifts for a hostess, a sick friend in the hospital, or for your sister-in-law who just got promoted, they are trickier to give away at a wedding. Because people are going to be coming into your wedding in all different forms of transportation—an Uber, an airplane, or a very long car ride—taking home a plant can be a lot of trouble, especially if you’re having to cart that thing through security.

In 2019, we think we’ll see a lot more of the traditional and more portable edible gifts such as Jordan almonds, cookies, or even a hangover kit—complete with a bottle of soda, some aspirin, and some snacks.

Glitter or Confetti as a Tosser

The wedding exit has turned into one of the biggest events of the evening. Not only is it a way for all of your guests to wish you well and tell you goodbye—although let’s be honest, no couple ever actually gets to leave after the exit is done—but it’s also a prime photo opportunity for your photographer. This has caused couples to come up with some unique ideas to make the photographs even more fabulous and fantastical, such as glitter or confetti. While this may look gorgeous in the photos (we’ll wholeheartedly admit this), it comes at a cost to the venue staff as well as the environment.

We all know how impossible glitter and confetti can be to clean up, which is why we’d be happy to see this trend ditched in the new year. Birds and other wildlife can also ingest the confetti or glitter, which can be harmful to them. Though there are biodegradable options, we’re still ready for this to disappear. Instead of glitter or confetti, use wish lanterns, sparklers, or bells for something less messy and equally special.

Here a Sign, There a Sign

A rustic wedding sign made from pallets.

Signs have long had their moment as the go-to decoration for the wedding ceremony and reception. But let’s be honest: do we really need to be that helpful for our guests? Unless the wedding ceremony is deep in the woods or there are multiple ceremonies going on in one venue, you probably don’t need to go the painstaking effort of informing your guests where they can sit, where the reception is, and where the cake table is located. No longer will we be creating lots of signs; in 2019 we’ll be all about keeping things simple and modern. Instead of using rustic pallet boards to make your signs, order a neon sign with your initials, your last name, or your wedding date for guests to pose in front of in the photo booth, or place it right behind the cake table.

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