28 Ways to Add the Color Black to Your Wedding

A table at a wedding reception with black and white accents.

Weddings are supposed to be the happiest day of your life, but does that mean the entire wedding aesthetic has to be sunny? What if you’re not the bright yellow personality type? What if you and your partner like a moodier, darker feel and want to incorporate dark tones into your day? Black is a great accent color because if used the right way, it can add a moody vibe to any wedding—but it can also act as a neutral. That’s the beauty of black! So how do you fit black into your wedding day to really make it shine? Read below for 28 ways to do just that!

1. Table Cloths

A favorite of many event halls, black table cloths at the very least will be easy to come by. Add these to tables and you give yourself an allowance to add whatever colored accents you’d like on top. The table cloths are such a large part of your reception that if you choose to go this route, you’ll have fulfilled a lot of the black color quota you need already!

2. Invitations

Send out all-black invites or invites with black on the inside of their envelopes.

3. Feathers

Throw some black feathers into your tablescapes and/or bouquets.

4. Black Dress

A bride and groom dressed in all black.

So you’ve got the sparkly white ring, but the thought of a white dress makes you cringe. It’s time to consider a different colored dress. Luckily for you, there are some beautifully modern options in the realm of black dresses. Pick one and be fabulous on your big day while adding a big pop of black.

5. Balloons

Not everyone has balloons at their wedding, but if you’re really looking for a way to add in those little black touches, balloons are a simple and chic way to go, especially if paired with another color in your scheme.

6. Candles

Some venues don’t even allow candles, but even fake or unlit black candles add a sense of class to a table. Place some of these babies around and you’ve got a black accent.

7. Black Runner

Instead of the red carpet, you’ll be walking the black carpet. Think about lovely lit candles and floral accents placed intermittently along this dark roll of fabric. The end look is breathtaking.

8. Bridesmaids’ Outfits

A bride standing in the snow with two bridesmaids wearing black fur jackets.

If you want to add black to your wedding but aren’t keen on wearing black yourself, have your bridesmaids wear black. It will create a nice contrast between your white dress and their dark-colored ones.

9. Tableware

You can go all the way with this idea and get black forks and knives, or just purchase some lovely black teapots and cups to use as part of centerpieces.

10. Pearls

Black pearls are a craft accent you can add to decorate any spots at your reception that are looking too bright. You can also wear black pearls as an accent!

11. Tulle

A great way to incorporate the color black into your wedding is to use handy materials like tulle that you can add to the backs of chairs, tie table cloths with, insert into bouquets, or wrap over light-colored balloons.

12. Leather Jackets

A bride and groom with leather jackets standing against a brick wall.

If it fits your personal style, you and your spouse can wear black leather jackets over your outfits. This is a cool way to keep warm while adding black into the scheme.

13. Flowers

There are few flowers naturally black in color and most flower shops don’t carry them. However, try to work with your florist on possibly getting black orchids or consider actually painting flowers black. You can also purchase black silk flowers to get the desired look.

14. Candy Bar

Create a themed candy bar with assorted sweets all colored black!

15. Hats

Imagine a wedding with pops of black worn on people’s heads! Black hats are a clever way to add this color into the wedding scheme.

16. Lace

A bride wearing a dress with black lace and ribbon accents.

Lace is another item that can be added to almost any accessory or style of dress and still look chic.

17. Crystal Champagne Glasses

There are gorgeous options online for champagne glasses in a black color—or you can try to craft these yourself! Make special cups for you and your beloved or provide everyone at your wedding with these special toasting cups.

18. Bird Cages

This accessory is shabby chic meets goth. It’s the perfect way to merge these two styles while you get married.

19. Veil

You may want just a touch of black as part of a bridal look. If you’re a bride, consider getting a fully black veil or a veil with black beading for a nice flair.

20. Cake

A black wedding cake with black and white flowers on top.

Of course, the cake! This one isn’t new. People have been making black cakes for a while now. If you want to make yours seem more modern, add large natural elements like blooms or leaves and consider a modern color pairing like gold for accents.

21. Announcements

If you have any signage for your guests, make them on black backgrounds. These are some of the pieces your guests will look at the most, adding a crucial part to your black accessories. Make these signs out of chalkboard or create a printed sign with white, gold, or silver type.

22. Lanterns

There’s just something about the glow of candles or small lights in the evening at a wedding. Add the color black and you’re sure to add beauty to any space.

23. Silhouettes

You can create some beautiful feature pieces out of black silhouettes. Make a large backdrop piece or use this idea for a cake topper.

24. Makeup

A bride with dark smokey eye makeup and a dark red lip.

If you’re wearing makeup, consider sporting a nice smoky eye to match your deep-colored decor.

25. Curtains

If you’re in a hall or house, line your reception with black curtains on all the windows. This is a great way to feature this color.

26. Place Cards

Create all of your place cards using a thick cardstock in a black shade and a calligraphy pen in a light color to write the names.

27. Ribbons

Tie black ribbons everywhere. Around your waist, around chairs, tables, etc.

28. Shoes

A bride and groom's black and white shoes on their wedding day.

Don’t forget your wedding shoes! You can wear black shoes to match your desired theme and even provide black dancing shoes for those whose feet are hurting after hours of dancing.

If you’re still unsure how to incorporate the color black, you haven’t been paying attention! In all honesty, hopefully you’ve found some bang-up ideas for your big day and everything will look perfectly dark. Congratulations on your unique look and enjoy your dark day!

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