3 DIY Thank You Card Ideas

Create some wedding thank you cards that will wow your guests! All you need are a few supplies, a little bit of time, and a lot of love.


You worked on planning out every detail of your wedding for months – or years. You battled nerves on the big day and looking back on it now, it all seems like a big and blurry ball of excitement. The details of your wedding day might seem fuzzy to you now, but one thing is for sure… it wouldn’t have been the wedding it turned out to be were it not for the presence of your loved ones (and you haven’t forgotten the other presents they brought to the table, as well!). A sincere “thank you” is in order and though your wrists might regret all of the unfamiliar handwriting to come, your guests surely will not.

If you’re on a mission to get thank you cards written, addressed, and sent off to your wedding guests, why not make some cards yourself? A DIY thank you card project can not only help you to save money, but it can help you to wind down from your wedding with some low-pressure creative time, too. Here are 3 ideas…

Photo postcards. An easy way to handle thank you cards is through postcards. You’ll be able to cut down on your expenses by eliminating the envelope and postcards mandate a brief and to-the-point message. Pick out one or more of your favorite photos from your wedding for these cards. You can either have them printed through a company like Moo or make them yourself! To make photo postcards yourself, simply print off your photos (perhaps on glossy photo paper or card stock paper). If you choose a thin paper, then you will need to adhere the photos to a thick piece of card stock. Be sure to size your photos to fit a standard postcard size cut: between 3.5 inches and 4.25 inches high and 5 inches and 6 inches long. Also make sure that the thickness is no more than .016 inches. Once complete, you can just add your message and address to the other side the way you would with a traditional postcard, stick a stamp, and mail!

Stencil cards. Stencils can help to make a card design project easy. You can either buy stencils from the store (craft stores – and even many Walmarts – sell them these days) or make your own stencil from thick paper or plastic. Your stencil might be an abstract design or perhaps your favorite animal. Choose what feels right! You can buy blank cards from the store to make this easier. Once you have your cards and your stencil, simply place your stencil on each card and fill it in with acrylic paint, spray paint, glue and then glitter, or whatever works best for you.

A piece of the wedding cards. With store-bought blank cards, you can do so much! One DIY thank you card idea that your guests might appreciate is a thank you card that carries with it a little piece of your wedding. Did you have lace or burlap or any other kind of fabric at your wedding? If so, perhaps you can cut heart shapes out of that fabric and use a glue stick to adhere each heart to the front of a card. Do you still have any of your wedding flowers? You can press a few petals and then adhere them to each card. This approach to a DIY thank you card will help you to get a double use out of some of your wedding items while reminding your guests of what a lovely time they had.

Tip: Don’t rush with your thank you cards. Take this creative time as time for yourself and spend a few weeks making them, if that’s how long it takes. Dedicate a few minutes a day or less to the project so that it doesn’t become a stress for you.

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