3 Super Easy DIY Guestbook Alternatives

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Wedding guestbooks are a tradition so long held that it’s hard to track down exactly when or why they began. One thing is for sure; the typical wedding guestbook is packed up after the reception and stowed away with other wedding memorabilia. Wouldn’t it be great to have something a bit more…personal? We’ve got three projects that won’t bust your budget, ruin your schedule, or simply be tossed in a box only to be looked at every few years.

1. Message in a Bottle


This project evokes secret messages wrapped up and let adrift for a lucky beachcomber to discover. Equally romantic, but less anonymous is the Message in a Bottle guestbook alternative.  Your wedding guests can write a personal note of congratulations on a small slip of paper and deposit it in a lovely glass bottle or jar. The newlyweds can reminisce together after the big day while reading sweet notes from friends and loved ones.


  • Bottle, jar, or other receptacle that coordinates with the wedding theme
  • Text weight paper in complementary colors and patterns, cut into 2.5 x 8.5 strips
  • Pens

Tip: It helps to “prime the pump” so to speak by rolling a few blank slips into the bottle before the event to encourage others to contribute a supportive message.

2. Envelope Album


A slightly more portable version of this idea is the envelope album. A pretty store bought wedding photo album and color coordinated envelopes creates a clever alternative to the standard name and address guestbook. This project also allows guests to write a personal note or bit of advise, this time tucking each note into a small envelope affixed to a page in your album. Imagine reading those caring thoughts while embarking on your new life together as a married couple.


  • Wedding photo album or scrap book
  • RSVP or 4-bar envelopes in your wedding colors
  • Zip Dry glue
  • 3.5 x 5 RSVP cards
  • Pens

Tip: Removing the pages from the book makes it much easier to affix the envelopes to the page. Allow the glue to dry before replacing the pages.

3. Keepsake Poster


Here is a guestbook alternative that can be displayed in your home and enjoyed every day. Laser-cut paper shapes in one or two colors become the perfect canvas for your guests to show some love.


  • Paper Shapes (tw0-inch dimensions are a good size)
  • Zip Dry glue
  • Large photo frame with mat (we used a 23 x 17 frame)
  • Half sheet of card stock or poster board, cut to size
  • Pens

Tips: Lay out the laser-cut paper shapes before you start gluing to ensure you have enough room.

Don’t put the glass in the frame until your ready to hang the piece at home after the wedding!

Easy, right? We told you these projects wouldn’t ruin your time line! The most complicated skill required on any of the three projects here is gluing. You and your guests will enjoy the fun alternatives to the old traditional wedding guestbooks. Best wishes!

All paper materials for this project can be found at www.cardsandpockets.com.

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