How to Craft a Bohemian Flower Crown

woman wearing wreath of flowers

Picture this: You and your beloved are standing in a lushly green, wooded glen. Your family and friends encircle you as the sun speckles the ground around your feet as you stand in the soft grace. A ladybug tickles your foot and your hair is adorned with flowers while songbirds quietly chirp in the trees surrounding your gathering. The sun has begun to set and fireflies begin to blink as you and your intended profess your love to one another. This might not be your ideal wedding but perhaps you still like the idea of incorporating some nature-inspired elements into your big day, particularly in regards to your attire.

We all know that the cost of flowers and floral accessories can skyrocket when the word “wedding” is attached. However, if you want to create a simple, bohemian flower crown without breaking the bank, here are instructions to help you to embrace your inner earth princess.

Supplies Needed:

Grapevine wire (brown or green)

Floral tape (brown or green)


Flowers (I recommend silk but fresh is okay too if you’re crafting within 72 hours of the big day and can store in a refrigerator)

Leaves or other natural elements you’d like to include

Glue gun (optional)

Step 1. Gather your supplies, all of which should be available at a craft store with the exception of fresh flowers if you opt to use them.


Step 2. Use the grapevine wire in your chosen color and wrap it around to determine how much you’ll need. Make sure you measure out enough to wrap around your head one and a half times.

Step 3. Cut a second length of grapevine wire to match the first. Take the two wires and wrap them around each other. This creates the base of your crown.

Step 4. Once you have the two wound together, measure it out around your head and twist the ends together, trimming off the excess. Now you have your crown!


Step 5. Place your flowers and other natural elements around your crown, using the wound wires to hold them stems in place. If you’d like, you can use the glue gun to help secure your decorations although the floral tape should be able to do the trick if you don’t have a glue gun available.

Step 6. Once you have your elements in place, wrap your floral tape around your grapevine base. This secures your flowers and helps to give your crown a finished look and hide the loose stems.


There you have it! This is incredibly easy to customize based on your favorite flowers, wedding colors, or even the natural setting of your preference. For example, if you love the ocean or the beach, you could add a few shells amongst the flowers on your crown or in the center of some of the blooms. If you prefer the mountains, consider adding a couple small pine cones if you don’t mind the added bulk or include a few leaves for a more tree-inspired crown. Happy crowning!

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