4 Easy Winter Wedding DIYs

A sweetheart table at a winter wedding  with a garland strung across the back of two chairs.

There’s very little that can beat the cozy, understated glamour of a gorgeous winter wedding. If you’re planning on a winter celebration, here are a few ideas for DIY projects that will add an extra dimension to your beautiful day!

1. DIY Favor: S’Mores

A stack of marshmallows, crackers, and chocolate bars for s'mores with a fire in the background.

Wedding favors can be tricky to choose, of course, but what better to warm up a cold day than a DIY s’mores kit for each guest? It’s as easy as can be, and a huge crowd pleaser. (I mean, who doesn’t love s’mores?) All you have to do is assemble the regular s’mores ingredients of graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows, and wrap them up. Stack the ingredients on top of each other in the center of a cellophane square, beginning with squares of graham crackers, and then squares of chocolate with one or two marshmallows on top. Wrap the cellophane around the whole kit, secure the top with ribbon or twine, and add a tag with a clever s’more-related pun and you’re good to go!

2. DIY Hot Chocolate or Coffee Bar

A bride and groom sitting at a table drinking hot chocolate or coffee and eating cake.

Having specialty bars at weddings has become a trend of its own, with candy bars and popcorn bars taking summer weddings by storm. But what type of bar would be perfect for a winter affair? Why, a hot chocolate or coffee bar, of course! Choose mugs or colorfully themed to-go cups for all of your guests, and then set-up a table with all sorts of treats, including different types of coffee or hot chocolate flavors as well as tons of goodies to add into or on top of the cocoa! Think about things like whipped cream, sprinkles, cinnamon (either a whole cinnamon stick or some to sprinkle on), candy canes, or really any other sweet treat that would go well with chocolate. Then, all you need is a large thermos or container of hot water and you’re all set! If you’d like, you could also add some tea options to the table if you think your guests might prefer more variety in their hot beverage selection. Add some gorgeous natural or wood decor and you have the perfect bar for a winter wedding!

3. DIY Decor: Pine Cone Place Cards

A place setting with a pinecone on a wedding table.

What says winter wedding more than a rustic, natural place setting? Pine cones with a name card attached are the perfect option for a place setting, especially because they’re so versatile and can be decorated to suit many styles. For a totally natural look, you can leave the pine cone as-is, or for an ultra glam option, you can paint the bottom a gorgeous, sparkling gold. You can add some white spray paint for a snowy look, or even cover them with wax to create a place card and favor in one—a gorgeous fire starter! This simple but stunning option will add a natural flair to your winter wedding and is a great choice for many wedding themes, colors, and aesthetic styles.

4. Simple DIY Ceremony Blanket

Stacks of white blankets for a wedding and a sign that says

Depending on your location, a winter celebration can mean that it may get a little chilly during your day, so adorable DIY blankets for your guests to snuggle up in during your ceremony are the perfect solution. You can, of course, purchase blankets that you love, but another option would be to DIY some adorable, inexpensive ones using fleece and twine or ribbon. All you have to do is choose two pieces of fleece that you like—maybe your wedding colors or one solid and one patterned piece—and attach them together in one of two ways.

If you have the time and the sewing skills, you could sew two pieces of fleece together with a simple stitch and call it a day. If you’d prefer the no-sew option, all you have to do is cut the piece of fleece sized to match, and then go along the edge of each piece and cut 3-4’’ slits down each side of the fabric, about 1/2’’ apart. Then, you simply match the pieces together, tie the tabs to one another, and you have an adorable, cozy blanket! To complete the look, roll each blanket into a bundle and tie it closed with a colorful piece of twine or ribbon. Put the tied-up blankets into a bin or basket with a label that suits your wedding theme, and you have the perfect ceremony companion for all!

Your winter wedding is going to be stunning and including some of these homemade touches will add a homey, cozy vibe to your wonderful day. Whether you’re planning on warming your guests up with a hot chocolate bar or a homemade blanket, filling them up with delicious s’mores, or simply creating an elegant atmosphere with homemade place cards, it’s going to be a gorgeous day.

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