5 Tips for Creating a Wedding Hashtag

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Ah, the wedding hashtag. These days, this type of personal branding is practically a necessity, but coming up with the right phrase can feel as stressful as finding your dress or venue! After all, this is the hashtag your friends and family will use to keep up with the wedding planning, not to mention share their own photos from the big day!

But here’s the thing, folks: hashtags don’t have to be so overwhelming. The fact is, most of us use this social media search tool every day, which means you already have a lot of practice! However, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to create a cute, fun, and memorable hashtag for all your wedding day posts—and we’ve got them right here for you.

1. Keep it Short

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You are going to be using your wedding hashtag quite a lot during the wedding planning process, from the moment you get engaged until you board the plane to head home from your honeymoon. Your wedding hashtag is kind of like the slogan for your special day. It should be witty, easy to remember, and, most importantly, short and sweet.

Ideally, your hashtag should only be three to five words. This can be both your first names, your partner’s last name (if it’s about to be yours) and a snappy reference to your impending status as newlyweds. Obviously, if you need to go over the five-word limit, do so, but try to keep the hashtag as short as possible. This will make it easier to remember—and save you a lot of time whenever you use it!

2. Capitalize Each Word

If you ask me, hashtags suffer from one fatal flaw, and that’s the failure to utilize spaces. This can lead to all sorts of confusion when your social media followers try to read the tag. For example, the hashtag #nowthatchersdead (which started trending following the death of Margaret Thatcher) caused many people to worry about pop icon Cher, and don’t even get me started on the embarrassing hashtag singer Susan Boyle made infamous (Google it).

It’s important that your guests understand what your hashtag says, or they may be too confused to use it themselves. Make yourself perfectly clear by capitalizing each word in the tag. Trust me, something like #cherylandfredarewed is much easier when a capital letter acts as a break between each word.

3. Play with Puns

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If you’ve seen any other wedding content on social media, you know that puns are the backbone of almost every wedding hashtag. Puns have become popular among hashtag creators for one very simple reason: they’re crazy memorable! So when it comes time to create your very own hashtag, you and your partner should put your heads together to come up with something downright punny.

Obviously, the type of pun you use will vary depending on what you have to work with (i.e., your names, the wedding date, the location), but it’s best to look for a play on words that goes with your name. Marrying a man named Drew? Try something like #SayingIDrew! Will your married surname be “Moore”? #SarahAndAbbyForeverMoore is an excellent choice! Bounce some ideas off your partner or your bridal party; someone is bound to think of something great.

4. Include Key Details

After your wedding, your hashtag acts as a search tool, helping you find wedding photos that your friends and family shared on their own social media accounts. Before the wedding, however, that hashtag has another job—to clue people into your wedding details. This means your wedding should include as much detail as possible, such as the wedding date and the city where you’re getting married.

However, this tip comes with one very important caveat: only include information if you can keep it snappy. While a hashtag with the date and venue can be helpful to your guests, it will only be effective if those guests can remember what they read! Trust me, no one will commit a hashtag like #BobAndJaneGetMarriedInNewYorkApril19 to memory.

5. Search Before You Share

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There’s nothing worse than spending hours, even days, on finding the perfect hashtag, only to discover that another couple has already used it. Not only will this realization be a bummer, it can also mean that your wedding posts will be tagged with another couple’s, which can make searching through posts difficult. To avoid this frustrating fate, make sure you do a quick search on all your social media platforms to see what your hashtag brings up.

Now, for some folks (particularly couples with common names) shared hashtags are basically inevitable. However, by searching existing hashtags before you make your first post, you can ensure that your hashtag is as unique as possible—even if it means a little tweak here and there.

So, there you have it! With these tips, you’ll be able to create the perfect wedding hashtag. Now get out there and start posting!

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