5 Ways to Create a Wedding Website for Free

Two wood chairs at a wedding with signs labeled "groom" and "bride."

You’re getting married! Now the wedding planning begins. Creating a wedding website is one of the first things you should do as a newly betrothed couple (other than sharing your big news with your loved ones, of course). Wedding websites are amazing for collecting and publishing all of the information that you can’t possibly fit within a wedding invitation including the location details, lodging information, and your gift registry. While you could definitely build your wedding website by yourself, there are a number of free wedding website builders available for those who aren’t so tech-savvy. With the help of these helpful wedding templates and companies that are listed below, you’ll be able to build and design your stunning wedding website easily — and for free!

1. The Knot

The Knot is one of the most popular wedding website hosts out there. With over 100 designs available, there are plenty of beautiful templates to choose from that will best reflect you and your wedding motif. It’s also mobile-friendly, meaning your guests will be able to easily view you wedding website from their phone. Other features include the ability to customize your own URL and create a custom cover photo and color palette.

2. Joy

A bride and groom standing in a park surrounded by fall leaves.

Joy is another popular free wedding template service. The site offers a user-friendly service that includes mixing and matching different themes and templates to create just the right design that suits your personal taste. Don’t like the first template you chose? You can change your designs at any time. Other features include online invitations and save the dates, of which you can track who’s received and opened them. Another bonus? You can store all your full-size professional wedding photos in your own album with unlimited storage on your website.

3. WeddingWire

The WeddingWire might not have all the bells and whistles that The Knot and Joy provide, but it’s fairly easy to use and you can create a wedding website within minutes. They offer customizable design features, including a customized background photo template. Other standout features include linking to your WeddingWire registry, collecting and syncing with your RSVPS, and offering recommendations for nearby hotels that you can display on your site for guests.

4. Basic Invite

A bride wearing a strapless dress and holding a large bouquet.

Inspired by their own beautiful printed wedding invitations, Basic Invite’s free wedding website service offers themes and templates that are just as lovely as the real thing. You can even coordinate your Basic Invite wedding stationery with your free wedding website for a chic cohesive design. Basic Invite offers over 100 color schemes to choose from as well as digital RSVPS, and allows you to request addresses from your guests. The website can also be accessed from any type of device and is created to look beautiful on any platform.

5. ZankYou

ZankYou was voted Best Wedding Website of 2019 and, yes, it’s totally free! If that doesn’t help it stand out from the pack, then its many amazing features will. While you will need to purchase your own personal domain, the website offers 50 available templates and designs and allows you to add content to your website in an easy and personalized way. You’re also able to send out Save the Dates from your website and you can define who can access your website—meaning, if you don’t want it to be easily searchable in Google, you can privatize it. Other bonuses? You can create a wedding playlist with your guests, in addition to allowing them to reserve their accommodations directly from your website.

We know wedding planning can be stressful and pricey. While creating a wedding website is important to do for your big day, you definitely don’t want to pay a lot for it or become easily overwhelmed with the process. When you can find easy-to-use and free services like these wedding website builders, you have one less thing to cross off your list!

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