6 Festive Fall Wedding Favors

Small white pumpkins on a rustic wood box as fall wedding favors.

Are you planning a fall wedding this year? If so, you may be on the hunt for a perfect wedding favor to complement your special occasion. While it isn’t written anywhere that favors should match the seasons, it’s certainly a nice touch.

Fall, in particular, is a lovely time of year. The color pallete alone is stunning, not to mention the plethora of appealing decoration options. From brightly-colored falling leaves to plump pumpkins, there’s a nearly endless array of items to pull from for inspiration. Why not find ways to incorporate this beautiful season’s natural appeal into your special day as much as possible? Here are several great fall-themed wedding favors to consider.

1. Mini Pumpkins

Pumpkins make great decorative elements for fall weddings. They are bright, but still subtle enough not to be overbearing. If you’ve incorporated pumpkins into your wedding décor, it may be fitting to send one home with your guests as well. While handing out full-sized pumpkins at your event may be a little much, mini pumpkins are the perfect takeaway. Consider having unique tags made and tying them to the stems. In fact, you can use mini pumpkins to assign your seating, and then your friends and family can later take their personalized pumpkins home to display throughout the rest of the season! If you love the idea of incorporating pumpkins into your wedding favor plan, but don’t want to send your guests home with one, consider purchasing mini pumpkin pies instead.

2. Maple Syrup

Five bottles of maple syrup in the shape of a leaf as fall wedding favors.

Another delicious fall favor option is a small bottle of maple syrup. Maple isn’t only yummy—it’s aesthetically appealing and relevant. The soft brown/gold tone will pull in the colors of fall perfectly. Again, if possible, try to find a local company to purchase your maple bottles from. Locally produced items are definitely trending and your guests will love taking a small piece of the community home with them.

3. S’mores Kits

Nothing says fall like a delicious s’more! Consider giving away small s’more kits for your family and friends to take home with them. These can be purchased or made quite easily. For this favor, remember that less is probably more. While yummy, s’mores are very sweet. Adult guests, in particular, will likely want just one, so don’t overpack your kits.

An alternative to giving s’mores kits as wedding favors is having a s’mores station at your reception. Guests can make and enjoy their own treat as the night progresses. You can easily set out to-go bags and encourage everyone to make their own kit before leaving.

4. Pine Tree Saplings

A tree sapling wrapped in paper and a bow as a fall wedding fall.

While pine teeters on the edge of fall and winter, evergreen trees definitely have a place within the season. These beautiful trees also offer an amazing, natural scent that most people can’t help but love. You can easily find a supplier who sells small pine tree saplings. These often come in mini burlap sacks, which are rustic and reminiscent of fall time. Consider having these sacks personalized with your wedding date to make them that much more special.

This is a particularly thoughtful wedding favor, as all of your guests will be able to plant the sapling when they return home. There will be a physical representation of your love growing in the yard of all your closest family and friends.

5. Caramel Apples

Candy apples as a wedding favor with burlap bows tied on the stick.

Do you remember attending fall festivals as a child? One of the most memorable features of these events is caramel apples. They make exceptional wedding favors! Not only will this be a delicious treat, but it’ll bring back memories for those who always enjoyed celebrating the fall season. Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to caramel alone. There are a wide variety of dipping options available, including red candy and chocolate. Why not go for the gold and offer them all! Your guests will love the variety.

6. Apple Cider

Nothing says fall like warm, apple cider. It also makes a delectable fall wedding favor. Having bottles of apple cider with a personalized wedding label for guests to take home and enjoy later is a wedding favor they’ve probably never received before. While apples are certainly a fall fruit, other ciders are available if this isn’t your favorite flavor. If possible, find a local company to purchase your cider from. Not only will it be delicious, but you’ll feel good about supporting local business.

You may also like ciders of the alcoholic variety. These can be purchased or brewed yourself. Imagine how fun it would be to send your wedding guests home with a hard apple cider you and your fiancé made special for the occasion! If neither of you are into brewing, consider supporting a local brewery for this idea.

Another variation of this is having a dipped apple station available during your reception. This can be self-served or manned. By providing a variety of toppings, your family and friends will be able to create their personal favorite sweet treat to take home (or eat right away).

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