6 Simple Wedding Tasks for Friends and Family

A young girl singing at a wedding with the bride in the background.

With your wedding ceremony and reception quickly approaching, your to-do list only seems to be getting longer every day. Fortunately, it’s not uncommon for family and friends to offer their assistance. Do not turn them down! Too often, couples attempt to tackle all of the logistics themselves. This can be a grave mistake, especially because the two of you should be solely focused on enjoying your day together. So, when people you know express a willingness to help, smile, nod, and let them know what you need.

Unsure what you need? You’re in luck! It can be difficult to know which tasks should be delegated and which ones you and your fiancé should really handle yourselves. Typically, small and simple items can be handed off, so here’s a few ideas of what you can take off your plate.

1. Offer Transportation

A bride sitting in a black classic car, wearing a classic white dress and veil.

On your wedding day, you and your future spouse will need transportation to your venues. This is a great task for a family member or friend, especially if the two of you are close. Not only will this person ensure you arrive on time, but you will enjoy the quality time spent with them along the way.

It may also be necessary to pick guests up at the airport in the days (or hours) leading up the wedding. If these people are arriving the day of your wedding, it is extremely illogical to plan to pick them up yourself. Instead, delegate airport pick-up to a loved one.

2. Decorate the Venue

Another great task for family members and friends is decorating. While some venues will provide sufficient décor, most couples want to add their own personal flair to the space. This is especially true for those who have a specific wedding theme in mind.

Decorating can be a big job and, in many cases, it must be completed quickly. You may only have access to your venue a day before your ceremony and reception take place. Some companies are so busy that you will only have a few hours to prepare! In situations like this, it’s imperative to enlist help. Ask your loved ones to take a little time to help set up centerpieces, hang lights, and place flowers.

3. Do Makeup and Hair

A young bride getting her hair and makeup done by friends before her wedding.

Do you know someone who knows a thing or two about hair and makeup? If so, consider asking that he or she act as your personal stylist for the day. Even if you prefer to hire a professional for the initial application, having an established individual in charge of touch-ups is a great idea. This person may also be able to assist with makeup and hair for your bridesmaids and/or your mother or other close female relatives.

4. Make Decorations

Do you love to craft? If you are a DIYer planning to make many of your own wedding decorations, you should seriously consider asking for help. You may not realize just how big this task can be. If you have crafty family and friends, schedule a few DIY decoration parties. Not only will this ensure you complete your projects in time, but it also offers an opportunity to spend quality time with loved ones before the wedding.

This is also a great time for wedding party members to get to know one another. Depending on your party size, you may have some individuals who have never met before. This will give them a chance to interact before the wedding. It’s also a great way to bond with in-laws!

5. Perform at the Reception or Ceremony

Someone playing a guitar at a wedding.

Are you interested in having someone sing, play music, or recite a poem or scripture verse during your ceremony? Why not ask a family member or friend to do it? This is a particularly good idea if you have a loved one who is musically inclined or excels at public speaking. Having them perform will make your big day even more special!

You may also consider asking someone you know to be your master of ceremonies. While you can easily hire a professional, a family member or friend will be more familiar with the relationship history between you and your spouse. This will make for a reception that is personalized and potentially even more comfortable for you.

6. Collect Décor and Gifts from the Venue When the Night Ends

After the DJ plays the final song, there’s still work to do. While you and your spouse may want nothing more than to escape to your honeymoon suite and spend time together as newlyweds, you still have responsibilities…unless you delegate them. After your ceremony and reception, someone will need to collect the gifts, decorations, and other personal items that have accumulated. In some cases, you may even be responsible for cleaning up!

There is little else worse than wrapping up a glorious night of romance, dancing, and camaraderie than having to worry about collecting, transporting, and storing gifts and décor. This is why you should seriously consider asking a few family members and friends to, at the very least, help you with the process. You will have more than enough willing volunteers to make this task easily and quickly accomplished. In fact, it’s likely that a few loved ones will remain to help without even being asked.

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