7 Wedding Planning Tasks to Complete in Under an Hour

A young woman looking at a laptop as she works on her wedding website.

Wedding planning can be an overwhelming, all-consuming project, but sometimes you only have a small chunk of time to work on getting things checked off your list. If you’ve only got an hour of time set aside to get things done, what are a few good options for accomplishing tasks without having to stop abruptly in the middle? Here are a few that might work for you.

1. Update Your Wedding Website

You could definitely use an hour or less to update details on your wedding website! Adding photos from an engagement photography session, updating the design of the site, or taking a few minutes to add your love story will make a massive difference. A wedding website is also the perfect place to keep the details about your big day all in one spot. An hour is enough time to update details, give a weekend timeline for out-of-town guests, update links to your registries, or share links to accommodation options in the area.

2. Insure Your Engagement Ring

An engagement ring in a red box against a wood background.

It’s a good idea to get your engagement ring insured, however, it can be hard to remember to do this task. If you have a free hour, that might just be the perfect time to get it taken care of. Insuring your engagement ring may seem like an unnecessary step, or one that certainly isn’t urgent and can wait while you get to more pressing tasks, but the sooner you get it done, the sooner you’ll be able to set aside any lingering worry about keeping it safe. With your ring safely insured, you can move on with your planning knowing that you don’t need to worry about any ring-related accidents along the way.

3. Block Out Hotel Rooms for Wedding Guests

A small period of time is all you need to make some phone calls to hotels and block out some rooms for your guests. If you don’t feel like you’re ready to actually book them and officially block them off, you can at the very least use this time to do your research on what hotels in your area have available and use these calls for comparing pricing, size, and number options.

4. Brainstorm “Plan B” Weather Options

A bride and groom walking through a field in the rain with a white umbrella.

Even if you have your venue already booked and ready, it’s a good idea to go through your basic timeline and brainstorm “Plan B” options for bad weather. Depending on your venue, this might mean an actual change of address for the ceremony or reception, or it may just mean you’ll need to choose alternative photo locations and transportation options. Whatever bad weather would mean for your particular venue, it’s a great idea to sit down and really consider the different options you might be able to use in case of inclement weather. Bonus points if you call the venue and discuss your thoughts with them as well!

5. Buy Garments for Under Your Wedding Dress

Finding the perfect undergarments that work with your perfect wedding dress might actually take you a couple of tries, so it’s a good idea to get started on this as soon as possible. This way you have time to try your options on and see how they work. Taking a few minutes to research what others have found to be the most successful under-the-dress garments and then ordering a few options to try is a great way to spend a short-term planning session.

6. Purchase Thank You Cards

A card and envelope surrounded by pink flowers.

Whether you need cards for a bridal shower or wedding gifts or both, it’s a good idea to order these as far ahead of time as possible, so when the time comes to write them you’re not scrambling to find what you need. If you’re planning on using photos from your wedding itself on your wedding gift thank you cards, then you’ll obviously have to wait for those, but it’s a good idea to get a few blank or monogrammed cards for the important “Thank You”s you’re bound to have along the way—for family members, bridesmaids, and vendors on the day of your wedding, for example.

7. Research Decor, Favor, or Detail Options

Depending on how far you are in the process, the actual item you’re researching might change, of course, but when you have less than an hour of time to work with, sometimes spending those moments researching is your best bet. Create a list of options that you’re considering, and then take a few minutes of your time to look up each one—taking notes on what you find, what you like most and least, what will work for your budget, and so on. Do not spend this time mindlessly scrolling on Pinterest, but really keep track of what you’re discovering and how that’s affecting your decisions moving forward. It’s easy to get lost in all of the beautiful wedding images available and lose track of time (and the reason you’re looking in the first place!), so really be intentional with your searches and try to get your questions answered. Utilizing an hour of your time this way can make a massive difference in the choices you make going forward with the rest of your wedding purchasing and planning!

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