8 Personal Items to Have on Hand for Your Wedding Day

A bride dabbing at her tears with a tissue.

Planning for your wedding day can cause you to imagine all sorts of wild scenarios and it can be nerve-racking to try to plan for all of them. Although you certainly can’t prepare for every little thing that may come your way on that day, there are a few things you should be sure that you (or your maid of honor) have at the ready on that day, just in case!

1. Tissues

Now, I’m sure you’ve thought of this one when it comes to the tears that may well up as you’re saying your vows to your sweetheart, but tissues are super useful for other things, too! Cleaning a stray swipe of lipstick off a toddler’s cheek from grandma’s kisses, dabbing off a sweaty brow, or just plain blowing your nose all require a tissue. Grab a small travel pack of tissues and have them available for your big day.

2. Pen and Paper

Having a pen or pencil and some paper at your disposal on your big day will be more useful than you might imagine. You may need to jot down directions for a friend, draw a diagram of the reception venue for a vendor, or pen a note to your fiance and you’ll be so glad to have those at the ready. The last thing you need when trying to handle any last-minute things that come up unexpectedly is to be searching high and low for something as simple as a notebook and a writing utensil.

3. Touch-up Kit

A bride getting her lipstick touched up.

It’s always a good idea to have a member of your bridal party bring a small makeup touch-up kit around for you during the day, just in case you need a fresh coat of lipstick or a bit of powder after some rocking out on the dance floor. It’s also a good idea for your touch-up kit to include small makeup remover wipes and cotton swabs, just in case.

4. Food and Drinks

This one is a huge essential (one of the most important in my opinion) and also one of the most overlooked. You do not want to forget to eat or hydrate on your wedding day and find yourself woozy, dizzy, or worse—passing out on your way down the aisle! Keeping a few easy-to-eat, non-messy snacks and beverages available, like protein bars and water bottles or seltzer, will make a massive difference in your mood (no hangry couples here!) and your health throughout the day.

5. Super Glue

This might sound bizarre, but having super glue handy can be extremely useful on your wedding day. It’s great because it’s a fast, simple way to fix almost anything, from issues with wedding signage to broken jewelry and anything in between. Plus, you can purchase small sizes so it’s not at all cumbersome and can easily be slipped into a clutch or emergency kit without much fuss.

6. Sewing Kit with Safety Pins

A bride getting her dress buttoned up the back.

Many people will advise you to have a sewing kit available to you on your wedding day, and that is completely true! You can use the kit to adjust a hem, fix a strap, or reattach a button in a snap. Make sure to also include some thread that closely matches the color of the garments you and your bridal party will be wearing. But something else that should not be overlooked in this kit is a mess of safety pins! Safety pins are super versatile and can be used as a quick fix to a small problem, especially if you don’t have time to break out the needle and thread. Include both options in your sewing kit and you’ll be covered from all angles for any rips, breaks, or tears that might come your way.

7. First Aid Kit

The last thing you need is someone bleeding on your wedding attire, so a first aid kit is a must! Make sure it includes adhesive bandages in a variety of sizes, antibiotic ointment, an elastic bandage wrap, and at least one portable ice pack, as well as some general medication such as pain relievers, antacids, and allergy medication. Hopefully you won’t need to use any of it, but if you do you’ll be so glad to have it nearby and ready to help heal any ailments and move forward as planned.

8. Menstrual Products

Whether you’re a bridesmaid or a bride, no one wants to have a period mishap at a wedding, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. Be prepared by having a few tampons and pads available for anyone who may end up having that need arise. You’ll be so happy you did.

Having these personal items on hand for your wedding day will help ensure that you’re ready for anything—and even more than that, they’ll help reduce the stress before your big day! If you’d like, you can get a cute basket, put the above items in it, and ask a member of your wedding party to be in charge of keeping it accessible for the day, so you can relax and know that you’re prepared for whatever may come your way!

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