8 Thank You Gifts for Parents of the Bride and Groom

A bride holding her mom's hands that are wearing jewelry she gave as a gift.

It’s tradition to purchase or make a present for both the bride’s parents and the groom’s parents at the time of the wedding. This is done to thank them for all the work they may have contributed to the wedding planning process, in addition to any financial contributions they may make to the event. These gifts don’t need to be expensive and, after all, most agree it’s the thought that counts when it comes to gift-giving. The important part is that the gifts be tailored to the parents and as meaningful as possible. Here’s nine gift ideas that may work for your parents or future in-laws.

1. Personalized Family Prints

One of the can’t-go-wrong options is to create a graphic or illustration that represents your family and get it printed on canvas or to go in a frame. A variety of artists and companies create these keepsakes, and they’re a perfect reminder of your familial love that your parents can keep on display in their home.

2. Jewelry for the Moms

Something shiny or sparkly is a great option for the moms! An understated bangle or necklace can do more than just be a gift: if you give it to her the day before or the day of the wedding, she can incorporate it into her outfit for the event! Wearing a piece of jewelry on an important day gives it a permanent association; she’s going to think of you every time she wears those gold hoops.

3. Hobby-Related , Personalized Items for the Dads

Two cocktails in glasses given as a gift to a father of the bride or groom.

If your dad likes to wear a watch, you can certainly give him a new one to add to his collection, but many men err on the practical side when it comes to their favorite gifts. If your dad does woodwork, pick out a great new hand tool for him, and get it engraved if you really want him to choke up a little. You can also consisder a classic set of whiskey or cocktail glasses or a new fishing rod.

4. An Experience Like Massages or a Trip

Your parents may have helped you through more than one or two wedding planning crises, so why not spoil them a little after their hard work? A local spa would be perfect for a couples massage, or you could go big and give them a beach weekend getaway. This is a lavish gift, but they’ve lavishly raised you for decades so if you have the finances to make it work, this can be a well-appreciated gift.

5. Chocolate or Wine Subscription

Want a present that will keep your parents smiling for months? Write a heartfelt note to them and include a little addendum: they’ll be getting a shipment of chocolate, wine, or some other delicacy each month! Many of these companies offer three-month or six-month guest memberships with no obligation to continue, and that can be a beautiful option for parents who love a nice bottle or bar of chocolate.

6. A Beautiful Plant

A lily houseplant in front of a window that was a gift to the parents of a bride or groom.

Let love grow! If your family has a green thumb (or even if they don’t!) a pretty plant for their home is always a good option as a gift. You can pick something out that can suit their skill level and get a beautiful pot or hanging planter so that they think of you every time they tend to it.

7. Home Improvement Items

Have your parents talked about making a change in their house for a while, only to put it off? They might have been sacrificing for your wedding fund, but now might be a great time to get that project started! Even if you just give them a home improvement store gift card, mention that you appreciate how they put their projects on the backburner—but it’s their time, now!

8. Luxury Photo Book

A wedding photo album as a gift for the parents of the bride and groom.

Your parents’ gift could come substantially after the wedding itself in the form of a photo book or album of your wedding photos. Moms especially tend to love an opportunity to see all of their family together in photos, especially as people begin to move farther away and live on their own. This book will become a treasured coffee table book, perused frequently for happy memories.

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