9 Easy DIY Winter Decorations


For brides planning an offseason wedding, finding appropriate decorations can be challenging. Often wedding décor is aimed toward the spring and summer bride, leaving the winter bride without inspiration. Here are several easy winter wonderland themed decorations.

Antlers. Merge rustic with elegance to create a centerpiece with antlers. Incorporate traditional wedding elements such as candles and greenery. Many craft and home stores carry faux antlers, or you can use real antlers that have shed from a deer.

Food. Use a mix of cranberries, cinnamon sticks, or other food related items to tie in your winter theme. Concepts such as candy, coffee, and hot chocolate bars can provide a multifunctional and memorable decoration. S’mores over an enclosed fire pit creates cozy warmth.

Pinecones. Pinecones are a great decoration, as they can be left natural or painted to fit different color schemes. These can be purchased at a store or found outside. If using real pinecones, be sure to clean well to remove any bugs and dirt.

Sparklers. Sparklers are often a favorite way to send off the bride and groom. To incorporate these into your décor, unwrap the sparklers and create a bouquet. Place the sparkler arrangement near the exits for easy access for the sendoff.

Lights. White Christmas lights can be hung from the ceiling, draped on tables, or placed in glass containers for a magical winter wonderland effect. From flower bulbs to Edison bulbs, you can easily go beyond traditional lights and find different styles online.

Flannel. Flannel blankets are an unexpected decoration, but if strategically placed around the reception it can create a warm and cozy element to an evening wedding.


Painted Jars. Spray paint jars metallic colors for a twist on the popular mason jar trend. You can use these jars as a vessel to hold arrangements for your tables. Add natural elements such as pine branches or other winter blooms. To make this project more cost effective, use recycled pasta jars instead of more expensive mason jars. For this jar, I wrapped a section with tape, so the stems would show through. I spray painted the whole jar with a gold spray paint, and removed the tape when it dried. I added a ribbon to finish it off, but this is not necessary. The pine branches will stay fresh several days without water.

Wood. Use wooden logs as seating, cake stands, and tables. Scour websites such as Craigslist to find people who are getting rid of firewood. While this may take some creative research, it could turn into a free decoration!

Ornaments. Use Christmas ornament balls to fill vases. If used in moderation, this will enhance your winter theme. Make sure to avoid greens and reds to keep it from looking like a Christmas party.

A winter wedding gives a bride the unique ability to combine a variety of textures, colors, and features and still have a uniform theme. Incorporate a mix of natural, metallic, and rich colors to pull off a unique rustic and elegant theme.

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