9 Tips for Creating a Great Wedding Website

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If you’re getting married in the 21st century, you’ve probably put together a wedding website. This one simple site contains all the information your guests need to know (in a format they can’t accidentally throw away). What could be better?

While making a wedding website can be fast, easy, and fun, it can also become a confusing mess for your guests if you don’t craft it carefully. Here are a few tips for creating a website that’s beautiful and easy-to-understand.

1. Don’t Overthink the URL

The first time your guests will see your website URL will likely be in paper form on your invitation or save-the-dates. Because there is no link to click, that URL must be short and easy to type. No one will be happy about writing “sarahandjohnaregettingmarriedon10-27-18.blogspot.com” into their search bar! Keep it simple and snappy. Your first names or your new last name will be just fine.

2. Stick with Your Wedding Theme

When you’re using a website building service like Squarespace or Blogspot, it can be easy to get excited by all the beautiful themes they provide. However, it’s very important that your wedding website have a similar theme to your wedding itself! If you’re having an elegant, wintry wonderland theme, don’t pick something tropical and colorful for your website. Dissonant themes will only confuse your guests.

3. Provide Lots of Photos

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While your love story can be fun to read, a picture can say a thousand words! Your wedding website is the perfect opportunity to share all those engagement photos you took, not to mention all the selfies you two have accumulated over the years! Give your guests a chance to see the two of you at your silliest, your cutest, and your most in love.

4. Include ALL the Venue Details

You and your fiancé probably spent weeks searching for the perfect venue. How tragic would it be if some of your guests couldn’t find it?! You can prevent navigation issues by giving your guests very clear instructions on your wedding website. Provide the venue address. Write out instructions (coming from either direction). Even explain how to get from the venue entrance to the ceremony site! All these explanations will help your wedding start on time with everyone present.

5. Always Include the Registry

Registries have become part and parcel to the wedding experience. They are an easy way for your guests to determine what you need in your married life (and prevent you from getting 20 blenders as gifts). If you want to avoid phone calls from all your guests asking where you’re registered, make sure you provide that info on your wedding website.

6. Promote Your Vendors

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While your wedding may be a once-in-a-lifetime fairy tale for you, for your vendors it’s just business as usual. Every wedding they work is an opportunity to show off their skills to potential new clients. So, why not help them out by including links to their various businesses on your wedding website? If you loved your baker, planner, or caterer, show your appreciation with a little earnest promotion.

7. Share Your Love Story

On your wedding day, the room will probably be filled with people who know you and your sweetheart well and have watched your relationship blossom. But everyone could use a refresher course from time to time, so make sure you include the story of your romance on your website. Keep it short and sweet (maybe a paragraph or two), but make sure to include the highlights: when you met, the proposal, etc. This will give your guests a better sense of who you both really are.

8. Help the Out-of-Town Guests

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Many couples have guests who travel great distances to attend their wedding. It’s your responsibility to help them feel welcome. Set aside space on your website to help them find hotel accommodations (if you’ve prebooked rooms for them, this is the space to let them know), give them an itinerary for the time they’re in town, and throw in a few suggestions for some local hot spots. This will keep your guests entertained all weekend long, and lets them know how grateful you are for their visit!

9. Password Protect Your Site (If You Want To)

Here’s the thing about the internet: it really is easy for anyone to see anything you post. So if privacy is something you value, do you have to forego the whole wedding website? No. If your site builder allows it, you can simply password-protect your site! Include the password when you give out the URL (on your invites or save-the-dates) and you’ll have a website that only your nearest and dearest can see.

If you use these guidelines while designing your wedding website, you’ll have a site that’s easy to use, informational, and a beautiful reflection of your special day—and the special people you and your future spouse are!

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