Barefoot Wedding Sandals

Sandal 14

Do you hate wearing high heels? Can’t imagine wearing heels all day under your dress? Barefoot sandals may be your perfect solution.

I’m a person who likes to feel the grass between her toes rather than the aching of her feet. So as you can understand when I discovered the idea of barefoot sandals I was immediately intrigued. I was also full of questions. Can I make these myself? Can I wear them forever and for always? The answer to the first as you’ll soon find out is of course yes! In fact, they’re not even that difficult to craft. The answer to the second, a resounding probably not, but you can definitely wear them to your wedding. Especially if you craft them with me; you will have big day appropriate foot wear that will have your feet thanking you profusely.


  • Ribbon
  • Strung beads
  • Assorted beads

Sandal 1

Step 1: Find the middle of your ribbon and wrap it around the toe next to your big toe as shown below.

Sandal 2

Step 2: Now scrunch up your toes and tie your ribbon tight at the back of your ankle.

Sandal 3

Sandal 4

Step 3: Now scrunch up your toes and tie your ribbon tight at the back of your ankle.

Sandal 5

Sandal 6

Sandal 7

This step is crucial to getting a tight, but movable fit. I like the circulation in my foot thank you very much and I’m sure you do too. At this point your barefoot sandal should look like mine does below.

Sandal 8

Step 4: Now that we’ve figured out how the sandal will tie up go ahead and untie it, but don’t unravel your crisscrosses. Got it?

Sandal 9

Step 5: Grab your beads and begin threading them onto your ribbon at the side of your ankle.

Sandal 10

Step 6: Thread your beads on both sides of your ankle and re-tie your ribbon at the back of your ankle.

Sandal 11

Step 7: Take your strung beads and wrap them around your foot in the same fashion as the ribbon. Tie at the back of your ankle.

Sandal 12

Your sandal is complete. The only drawback to this barefoot footwear is that the put-on process has to be done day of. For extra easy application, leave your beads on your ribbon exactly where you put them so all you have to do is wrap and tie when it’s time to put them on. If you’re extra stressed, you can always pass the sandal buck to your maid of honor. Hey, what are best friends for right?

Overall I’m happy with the way mine turned out. I tried to keep them simple because sometimes I feel less is more especially since the wedding dress will most likely take the main focus. But don’t be afraid to shake things up. These sandals can also be made with lace and a number of accessories can be added. Be your creative self and I’m sure they’ll be beautiful and hey, since you made them yourself they’ll be a fun and comfortable reflection of you. Let me know what you all think of these!

Sandal 13

Sandal 14

Sandal 15


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