Boho Bachelorette Party Badges


I am going to a bachelorette party in a few days and decided to help out with a few crafts. While searching for good ideas, I stumbled across a type of party badge that assigns roles to all of the party guests. The roles were funny like, “Diva” and “Animal.” I immediately loved the idea. Why not make these badges and let the bride assign roles to everyone? The bride-to-be can pass them out and people can wear them easily clipped to their clothes! Of course, I wanted to put my own spin on them, so instead of traditional badges I made a kind of broach with boho flare. They turned out super neat so I decided to share them with you. Let the “party goddess” feels flow over you and we’ll begin.


boho bachelorette party badges

  • Sticks
  • Assorted ribbon
  • Alligator clips
  • Hot glue gun
  • Twine
  • Craft paper
  • Printer
  • Assorted embellishments (flowers, seashells, buttons, etc.)

Step 1

boho bachelorette party badges

Get a straight stick and break it to make it a reasonably small length. Be sure to clean it up by breaking off all the little excess pieces and branches so that it’s one smooth branch.

Step 2

boho bachelorette party badges

Begin by taking the end piece of your twine and gluing it onto what will be the back of your stick. Then wrap the twine around and around your stick. Keep wrapping until you get to the end, cut your twine, and glue the end piece to the back.

Step 3

boho bachelorette party badges

Cut lengths of different ribbons and begin gluing them to the back of your stick so that they will hang down. Glue ribbons all the way across the back of your stick.

Step 4

boho bachelorette party badges

On the front of your stick, at the corners, glue your accessories in whichever way seems attractive to you. You might want to vary it up. I used different colored silk flowers and glued seashells here and there.

Step 5

boho bachelorette party badges

Create your titles in some cool font and print them onto your craft paper. You can find all kinds of fonts for free online or just use the ones you already have. Once you get them to a good size that will fit on your badge, you’re ready to go.

Step 6

boho bachelorette party badges

Cut out your titles. Fold a crease along the bottom of your title to create a kind of ledge. The ledge gives your title a way to be glued on your stick without a mess of glue showing everywhere.

Step 7

boho bachelorette party badges

Put glue along the entire bottom of that ledge you just created on your title, and place it down on the top of your stick. Take your alligator clip and glue it to the back of your stick. Glue it so that the badge will be able to clip on someone’s shirt. Test it out on your own shirt and see if the clip needs any adjustment.

boho bachelorette party badges

These are too easy, right? I can’t wait to show them to everyone. I think they’ll be a huge hit. They’re fun and boho, so what’s not to like? I hope yours turn out just as fantastic as mine. Now you can be not just your awesome self, but also a “party diva” or, heaven forbid, “party mom” at your next bachelorette party. Enjoy and have a great time you “bad influence” you!

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