Creating an LED Curtain Backdrop for Your Wedding Photos

Couple kissing in front of LED curtain

Are you looking for an absolutely stunning background for your wedding? Whether you need a decorative piece for your ceremony or a photo booth backdrop for your reception, an LED curtain may be the perfect solution. These backdrops are both simple to make and inexpensive, yet they still make a stylish statement.

Additionally, it’s easy to personalize this project to suit your particular event. To help you determine if an LED curtain backdrop is right for your wedding, here’s a brief breakdown of what you’ll need and how it can be put together.

LED wedding photo booth backdrop curtain

What You’ll Need

There are a number of great LED curtain backdrop plans available online for free. You’ll want to pick a design that fits your specific needs. When doing this, keep the purpose of your backdrop in mind. This will help you determine the ideal height and width, as well as sturdiness requirements. While your final purchase list will vary depending on your specific design plans, here’s a basic breakdown of the items you’ll need for this project:

  • PVC piping or wood cut to size
  • Connectors
  • Curtains
  • String lights
  • Safety pins

Picking Your Lights and Curtains

One of the major benefits of an LED curtain backdrop for your wedding is that you have the ability to customize it to match your event. The easiest way to do this is by selecting colored curtains and lights to match your wedding theme. While white on white is beautiful and will certainly work, this type of backdrop allows for personalization. Keep in mind that sheer curtains work best for this type of project, and LED lights with white wire may work best.

Pink LED lighting backdrop

Building Your Frame

The most complicated part of building your LED curtain backdrop will be constructing the frame. This part of the project will vary great depending on the design plans you pick. Generally, you can expect your build-time to be short, especially if you opt for materials like PVC piping.

While PVC is lightweight, easy to build, simple to take apart, and a breeze to store, keep in mind that it isn’t as sturdy as wood. Make sure you weigh the pros and cons of each building material before starting.

A man measures a plant of wood

Storing Your Backdrop Appropriately

In all likelihood, you’ll be constructing your LED curtain backdrop long before your wedding will take place. Because keeping a structure like this out in your living room for an extended period of time isn’t an option, it’s important to plan for storage ahead of time. If space is limited, it may be best to pick plans for a backdrop that can be built and taken down easily. This way you can reconstruct it once your big day arrives. Just make sure you keep the fabric covered and away from dust and pet hair. At the very least, protect the curtains and lights by placing them in plastic trash bags.

Black background with strings of LED lights hanging in front

An LED curtain backdrop is perfect for your wedding photos of guests and friends, and it can allow other people (besides the wedding photographer) to take great photos to remember your wedding celebration. The best part is that the LED curtain can be reused for a photo booth project, or you can bring it out for dinner parties or a birthday celebration. This great lighting idea will look great for a number of occasions after you have used it for your wedding day.

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